The match between Real Valladolid and Real Madrid will be the last for both teams in 2022. After complaints about refereeing, mainly from Paceta’s Paceta coach, Los Blancos Wing’s Vinicius Junior suffered severe racism from some fans At the Estadio Jose Zorilla La Liga has been heavily criticized by the Brazilians for not addressing the issueand Valladolid condemns what is happening on Friday.

Real Valladolid issued a statement on Saturday, 24 hours into the game. In response to what was previously published by LaLiga.In it, the club said the abuse that came from the stands when Vinicius was substituted was “Isolated Incident” In addition, he added four points, including a full condemnation of “all forms of racism” and an apology for his remarks. These are all captured from the same standpoint, Share on social media.

Video shows how Some of the crowd threw various insults at the Madrid winger.including some inherently xenophobic, when he furiously left the field. “The club is of course willing to cooperate with La Liga to carry out the necessary investigation and reserves the right to take disciplinary action against season ticket holders if they become involved in the incident,” the statement said. doing.

There is no room for racism in football or society. Real Valladolid is determined to implement more measures to raise awareness, prevent and combat similar events,” the club said, highlighting the “isolated” nature of what happened. , The event “is not representative of the majority. Blanki Viota fan, always respectful and creating a wonderful atmosphere at the Estadio José Solilla. ”

What did Vinicius Junior say?

After the game Vinicius has faced racism many times since joining Real Madridtook to social media Criticize La Liga’s lack of action When fighting racism.

Racists keep going to stadiums See the world’s biggest club up close, liga does nothing… I will hold my head high and continue to celebrate my victory and that of Madrid. After all, it’s my fault.

What did La Liga say?

In light of Vinicius’ comment, LaLiga issued the following response on their website in the afternoon after the game to outline I have to say how they have tried to tackle this problem with great success.

“Considering the posts on Real Madrid player Vinicius Jr.’s social media profiles, he stands at the Estadio de Zorrilla alluding to the lack of action taken by La Liga in fighting racism. These crimes are reported to the Anti-Violence Commission and the Public Prosecutor’s Office as hate has been done on other occasions, La Liga has taken the lead in combating this kind of behavior after investigating racist behavior inside and outside the stadium.

“La Liga continue to lead Fighting the scourge of racism, xenophobia and intolerance in sport, Not only in words, but also in actions, as demonstrated by the measures above.

La Liga’s goal is zero violence in sport To this end, a variety of prevention, detection and reporting practices will be implemented on each match day, followed by a National Commission Against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia, Intolerance in Sport, and a Commission for Hate Crime. reported to the public prosecutor’s office. Likewise, La Liga will condemn and take legal action against any criminal proceedings related to violence that occurs in football. ”

A full statement includes List of various incidents of racist insults From fans to players since the start of the 2018-19 season. You can read the full list here.

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