It’s time for the World Soccer Talk Reader Mailbag. This week we’re talking about the FA Cup and Championship on ESPN+, football on HBO Max, and the FIFA Women’s World Cup on FOX.

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Bill: All 16 FA Cup games [fourth round] It’s great to be shown by ESPN+, but only 1 out of 4 championship games is being broadcast on ESPN+. As you know, only 3-4 of his 14-15 championship matches are shown on ESPN+ in a normal week. The FA Cup is a winner move David-Goliath fights and ESPN says he gets an EPL team but if he can show more FA Cup games why can’t he show more Championship games ?

World Soccer Talk: This is a great question and one we get asked from time to time. First, ESPN+ will stream every championship game presented by the English Football League (EFL). The reason the EFL doesn’t offer all the games is because most clubs in the football league offer their own streaming service on a platform called iFollow.

For many clubs, billing fans to watch games via iFollow is a key way to generate more revenue.

In the Premier League, the league goes on the market and delivers all its games to broadcasters. In contrast, EFL offers broadcasters exclusive packages that do not include all games.

Dave: In a recent podcast, we discuss feedback from commenters calling for a single team option for the Apple/MLS Season Pass. I wonder if HBO Max (soccer-only plan) takes this into account. On a related note, so far he’s been very happy with Peacock, but I’d love to try his USSF coverage on HBO Max for my own curiosity. Is there a better month for $10-$15?His mid-late February for the SheBelieves Cup?

World Soccer Talk: So, as we know, HBO Max won’t last long. Warner Bros. recently merged with Discovery to form Warner Bros. Discovery. If this merger wasn’t enough, the new company aims to combine HBO Max and Discovery+ into his one app. The new app is called Max and is expected to launch in Q2 2023.

According to reports, Max could include another sport tier.

As such, HBO Max will not have a free trial, and the SheBelieves Cup will take place in February, though Warner Bros-Discovery Sports has yet to announce a broadcast schedule.

We recommend waiting another week to find out from Warner Bros. Discovery Sports what their compensation plan is.When If February is an ideal month to test drive, as most of the games will be on HBO Max.

Besides, HBO Max has a lot of great series, including hit series The Last of we My personal favorite, the UK version ghost.

Cpcva: A bit early, but how will FOX broadcast the Women’s World Cup this summer? Will it only be on FS1 and FS2? I seriously doubt that it will.

World Soccer Talk: The first two Group Stage games played by the US Women’s National Team will be televised live on the FOX network. They benefit from a kickoff time of 9:00 PM ET. His third game played by USWNT is at 3am ET, so it will most likely be on FS1.

Unfortunately, most of the Women’s World Cup kick-off times are played at midnight.

You can read more about the Women’s World Cup match times in this article.


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