A lot happens in the course of a week in the world of college basketball. Tournament One week his profile might look pretty safe, but the next week he might be in the bubble through no fault of his own. Penn State is a team that continues to be in a bubble for ESPN’s bracket his logist Joe Lunardi.

Lunaldi updated his weekly pairings on Tuesday, with Penn State coming a little closer to missing the tournament, but according to Lunaldi, the Nittany Lions are still in the tournament. A week ago, Lunardi opened Pennsylvania State as one of his final four teams and he didn’t have to appear in a round of games. However, Lunaldi shifted Penn State to his last four on his team, even though he hasn’t lost a game since the last bracket update.

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Penn State is leading the final four games with Utah State, Utah State, and Oklahoma State playing the other three teams in the final four games. The season opener is the 11th seed.

Lunardi’s slight downside to Penn State was largely due to Rutgers making a big push in the last 24 hours with a Purdue upset. Rutgers carried his 65-64 loss to No. 1 Purdue on Monday night, giving Rutgers a big boost to his profile in the bracket. Rutgers edged out Penn State following the big win, as Rutgers was one of Lunardi’s last four teams a week ahead of him.

According to Lunardi’s updated bracket, Penn State will face North Carolina if they beat Oklahoma in the opening round.

Penn State heads to Michigan Wednesday night in hopes of adding another good win to the bracket profile Lunaldi considers.

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