Pat McAfee Calls Umpires Terrible Weekend, Says NFL Must Make Sure Games Are Not ‘Cheated’ – OutKick

If you think the NBA is having trouble with refereeing after LeBron James’ expensive no-call, wait until the NFL’s postseason football weekend.

One popular athlete stepping into the ring and blaming the NFL for refereeing problems is Pat McAfee on The Pat McAfee Show.

From the Royal Rumble to the Royal Fumble, McAfee was in all of the weekend’s sports action. That was it.

Speaking with NFL insider Adam Schefter on Monday, McAfee tackled the league by allowing refereeing crews for the Eagles-Niners and Chiefs-Bengals games to evade calls that affected the outcome.

A lousy job title is almost as predictable in an NFL game as an overpriced Bayern pretzel, but McAfee’s main concern with the league is that he doesn’t seem to have a solution to keep this from affecting future games. It is visible.

“But I think we have some serious official issues,” McAfee told Shefty. “I think the referees suck! Why are they in the playoff games? There will be 50 million people watching, especially when there are only two games.”

In the NFC matchup, the referee missed a blatant drop pass by Eagles wideout Devonta Smith, setting the Phillies up for a touchdown on their first offensive drive. Philadelphia never trailed in the game.

As for the AFC game, a bizarre rework worked in the Chiefs’ favor, allowing them to pick up a crucial 1st down on their 4th quarter drive after failing to convert it into back-to-back 3rd-down opportunities. The Refs missed two blocks on the back he called which was supposed to be done against KC.

Missed calls and seemingly unsolicited refereeing have been so bad for McAfee that the referee may be getting paid, given that the referee is only a “part-time” employee of the NFL. fell into a hole.

“They’re not fully committed to the NFL, so someone could get them,” McAfee added. But what’s good? What’s the line? Specifically, how much money can you potentially make from these games?”

McAfee added, “Making them full-time eliminates the distraction of them being swayed elsewhere.” “In the same way that all politicians are underpaid, they are easily influenced by Big Pharma, Big Gas, Alcohol, Tobacco, or just about anything you can name. “

The NFL is nowhere near incorporating SkyCam reviews or notable responses to hasty calls and on-field omissions by referees, so fans can be assured that next Super Bowl LVII won’t be caught on the slippery slope of bad refereeing. I just hope that

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