Panel: Should boxing have one world champion per division?

Welcome to the panel. Here, we speak to a group of names of stars across fighting games about the big issues in boxing. In this issue, we take a look at the reality of the championship in the ‘four belt era’.

That was the question we posed to the experts across world champions, trainers and promoters. This is what our panel told his The Sportsman, based on their decades of collective experience in sport.

Chantelle Cameron (Undisputed Super Lightweight Champion)

I think it’s very good for the UFC. He is the only world champion in this division. I think that’s why I want to be recognized by everyone in boxing. No one else has the belt because you are the division champion. I think the four sanctions bodies are great. Because we can fight a battle that everyone will recognize, a battle that will make history. But I like the UFC image where he is the only world champion in the division.

Dmitry Bivol (WBA Light Heavyweight Champion)

It might be interesting to have 4 belts. But at light heavyweight, there’s only one guy who has four belts and he wants to be this guy.

Eddie Hahn (President of Matchroom Sports)

I think you should always think of having one champion per division. I think this is also her one thing about women’s boxing. So what’s very refreshing at the moment is that there are so many undisputed champions across divisions because champions are willing to fight champions. should always be considered and should have one champion per division instead of four champions. But in the end, it doesn’t always turn out that way. But yes, I think we always need to find out who is the best in each department.

Anthony Crolla (former WBA lightweight champion)

Of course, from a purist’s point of view, it’s easier to follow one belt. But it never works out that way. It’s a dream that he has one real world champion. But you also need to be realistic. It’s not meant to work that way.

There is a lawsuit going on, ‘My fighter deserves this and that’. Also, there will be a great many fighters who will not get the chance. People say, ‘Oh, let’s go back to the 50’s and 40’s and he’ll be the one world champion. However, many fighters have been robbed of their chance to become world champions or fight for the world title. They didn’t have the opportunity because fighters can only fight a few times a year.

Joe Gallagher (2015 Ring Magazine Trainer of the Year)

We all want to go back in time and win a single champion. I think that’s where the ring belt comes in. I think people realize that whoever the champion of The Ring is is the real champion. They are recognized as the best in the world.

But promoters will say more world title fights, more chances, more payday chances, more TV chances. Production, wages, sponsorships and everything else. So there are pros and cons. But everyone considers The Ring magazine belts to be the best in the world.

Natasha Jonas (Unified Super Welterweight Champion)

I think the idea of ​​4 belts is great. Because you can win different belts in different departments. He has four belts which is great when you win them all. But I think a model like the UFC can stop the dilution of champions. In the WBA or WBO he can have a WBC champion ranked eighth.

I think the UFC has a good model that the fans like. 1 fights 2 and if he wins 1 he fights 3 and 1 fights 4. I think it should be. In those cases, it makes superfights easier to make. But it’s nice to have 3 or 4 belts.

verdict: The word “opportunity” was used a lot. Many in our group feel positive about more world title shots for fighters. Surprisingly, promoter Hahn leaned toward a single champion despite the fact that it would limit the amount of world title fights he could advertise. Ideally he has one champion, but in boxing he’s a long way off with four to undo. If our experts are to be believed, the 4-belt era seems to be here to stay.

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