Pacers G Buddy Hield records fastest 3-pointer in NBA history

Buddy Hield is officially probably the fastest shot of all time.

The Indiana Pacers started Thursday’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers with a lightning 3-pointer. Hield smoothly caught Cavaliers center Jarrett Allen’s chip on the Cleveland side of the court before turning and firing.

Overall, it took about 3 seconds from tipoff to field goal.

Around Blogger Justin RussoHield’s shot, marked the first time in recorded NBA history that a player made a 3-pointer in the first three seconds of a game.

That little slice of NBA history is a plus for what has been a solid season for Hield. The sniper is currently averaging 17.7 points, 4.7 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game, and he has a 41.9% shooting percentage from his 3-point range.

Hield joined the Pacers last season as part of Domantas Sabonis’ blockbuster and has remained at the center of many NBA trade rumors, particularly as a target for the ailing Los Angeles Lakers. Hield will cap this season with his hits of $21.2 million and next season he will be priced at $19.3 million. An easy sell for just about any contender in a league with 3-point shooting and King spacing. .

Indiana Pacers forward Buddy Hield, 24, throws a free throw against the Golden State Warriors during the first half of an NBA basketball game in San Francisco on Monday, December 5, 2022.  (AP Photo/Godofredo A.Vásquez)

Buddy Hield made a 3-pointer in record time for the Pacers. (AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vásquez)

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