With the end of stove season and the return of baseball nearing, here are three things to keep an eye on in baseball throughout the day today.

1. Hall of Fame results announced tonight:

The results of the 2023 Hall of Fame ballot will be announced tonight at 5 PM CST. Todd Helton, Scott LaurenWhen Billy Wagner All have done very well in the public polls and are the most likely to win this year, but there will be conspiracies involving other players as well. How close will it be? Gary Sheffield In his penultimate year of eligibility, will he make enough leaps to be inducted into the Hall of Fame next year? Carlos Beltran Who voted first for the 2017 Astros? Alex Rodriguez Are you making a profit above last year’s first year of 34.3%? We’ll find out tonight.

2. Deadline for outstanding DFAs:

Two players were assigned seven days ago and their DFA is due to come to a conclusion today.Cubs’ DFA is right-handed Manuel Rodriguez last week to claim Julian Merryweather Mariners off waivers from Toronto while named outfielder Albert Rodriguez to claim rights JB Bukaukas Exemption from Arizona. Manuel Rodriguez has shown an impressive streak despite late-season results when he was called up to Chicago in September 2021, but missed most of his season in 2022 with an elbow injury that left him unable to finish. It was slowing down when it returned in September. Overall, he has a career 4.88 ERA in his 31 1/3 innings in the majors. Meanwhile, Alberto Rodriguez has yet to make his major league debut. He was added to the Mariners’ 40-man roster in November 2021 to protect him from the Rule 5 draft. Neither player has the right to refuse and make a full assignment at this point in their career.

3. MLBTR Player Chat

In addition to the regular Tuesday chat with MLBTR’s Steve Adams, MLBTR will be hosting a live chat with the former Major League Baseball right-hander. Jacob TurnerTurner was drafted ninth overall in 2009 and played seven years in the majors before making his debut with the Tigers in 2011 and finishing his career with the Tigers again in 2018. Although he played for the Nationals during his major league days, most of his playing time was with the Marlins, who acquired him as a headliner in their sending trade in 2012. Anibal Sanchez When Omar Infante to Detroit. As a Marlin, Turner pitched in his 51 games (39 starts) in which he pitched 244 2/3 innings with an earned run average of 4.67 (FIP 4.27). To join Turner’s chat, tune in at 10am CST.In case you missed yesterday’s player chat with Knuckleballer Mickey Janisyou can read the transcript here.


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