With two weeks left in the NFL season, only eight teams have been eliminated from the playoff race.

That’s why the league added a 17th game and a third wildcard team last year, plus earnings from yet another game.

More teams are still playing to qualify for the tournament, or are trying to secure a higher seed in one more game to earn a higher seed.

Eleven teams have already qualified for the playoffs, including four division titles, with five spots remaining. Both No. 1 seeds will have four NFC teams and three AFC teams vying for home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Houston, Chicago, Arizona, Denver, Indianapolis, Atlanta, the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams and Cleveland are out of the playoff picture. His only game this week, at the Cardinals at the Falcons, has no playoff impact.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-8) and Carolina Panthers (6-9) are playing in the NFC South. The Bucks clinch with the win. A loss means they will have to win their final game in Atlanta and the Panthers will have to lose in New Orleans in Week 18.

Buccaneers manager Todd Bowles said: “The playoff game started last Sunday, so it will be the same this Sunday.

The same is true for some teams.


NFC East has four teams with a chance to make the playoffs. The Philadelphia Eagles (13-2) will clinch the division and No. 1 seed this week against the New Orleans Saints (6-9) or next week against the New York Giants (8-6-1). Become. .

The Dallas Cowboys (12-4) need the Eagles to lose and must beat Washington (7-7) to win the division. Otherwise, the Cowboys would clinch the No. 5 seed and play a wild card game away from NFC South against his champions.

A win over the Colts would give the Giants their first playoff spot since 2016. There are some scenarios where you can’t win this week, but beating Indianapolis is the easiest one.

Commanders can clinch by winning the last two games. Or Washington wins Cleveland this week and loses to Seattle, Detroit and Green Bay.

The NFC South champion will be Tampa Bay, Carolina or New Orleans. Only the Buccaneers can win this division this weekend.

The Minnesota Vikings (12-3) have already secured NFC North. Even if the Eagles lose, they’re still gunning for the number one seed. They visit the Packers (7-8) on Sunday.

The Detroit Lions (7-8) overcame a 1-6 start, wins over the Bears and Packers, and had a playoff chance with some help.

The Packers also rebounded from a 4-8 start and seized the opportunity. They need to beat the Vikings and Lions and let the Commanders lose to the Browns or the Cowboys.

The San Francisco 49ers (11-4) are champions of the NFC West. They’re still gunning for number one, but they need help.

The Seahawks (7-8) looked like a playoff lock before going on a 3-game losing streak and a 5-of-6 losing streak. Now they have to beat the New York Jets and Rams and hope the Commanders and Packers each get his one.


Monday night’s matchup between Buffalo and Cincinnati means a lot.

The Bills (12-3) won the AFC East and currently hold the No. 1 seed, but a loss to the Bengals could drop them to No. 3.

The Miami Dolphins (8-6) and New England Patriots (7-8) face off on Sunday, with both teams competing for wild-card berths. Except for the win-loss clinch or tie with the Jets.

The Patriots will enter if they beat the Dolphins and Bills. The Jets are 2-1 against the Patriots.

The AFC South will be decided in Week 18 when the Tennessee Titans (7-9) visit the Jacksonville Jaguars (7-8).

The Bengals (11-4) lead AFC North by one game over the Baltimore Ravens (10-5), beat the Bills and Ravens, and if Kansas City (12-3) loses one, You have a chance to shoot for the number one seed. game.

The Ravens have already secured a wildcard spot, and a win over Pittsburgh (7-8) and the Bengals could clinch the division title. The Steelers need to win and get a lot of help.

The Chiefs have already won their seventh straight AFC West title. If Buffalo loses his one and wins, they could go for the No. 1 seed.

The Los Angeles Chargers (9-6) secure a wild card spot, one game behind the fifth-seeded Ravens.

The Las Vegas Raiders (6-9) aren’t mathematically eliminated, but with quarterback Derek Carr on the bench in place of Jarrett Stidham, they know they really don’t have a chance.


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