The Ohio State University basketball team ended non-conference play after dismantling Alabama A&M earlier last week. They’ve already beaten Rutgers in a buzzer-beater to go 1-0 in Big Ten play. Northwestern was the first game played with a continuous slate of Big Ten enemies.

Surprisingly, they didn’t have much trouble with the Wildcats. This was a game that never came close. Ohio State got up early and didn’t look back. They were 18 points behind at halftime and he was 28 behind in this game. Thanks to efficient shooting.

Sean McNeill led the Buckeyes with his efficient shooting. He scored his 15 points on his 5-8 shooting and made three 3-pointers. He did most of the damage in the first half. McNeill is a constant threat from behind the Ark.

Judge Sowing also played a good match. 13 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists. The only thing he didn’t do well was the free throw shooting from his line, where he could only do 5-9. He was the only Buckeye to miss a free throw in the game until Zed Kee missed a free throw in the second half.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the game for the Ohio State basketball team was their defensive prowess. The wildcat could not shoot the ball. They shot only 28% from the field. You can’t win many games if you shoot poorly.

With the number one team in the country taking a shot on Thursday night, this is exactly the type of show they needed. The confidence they can build before fighting Purdue will help them.

After the game we saw at Evanston on Sunday night, the game should be a really solid affair.

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