Burlington, Vermont (WCAX) – Recent bad behavior by fans at school sporting events has led at least one Vermont school to ban spectators altogether. The racist remarks at last week’s BFA-Fairfax basketball game are the latest in dozens of reported incidents over the past year.

The Vermont Principals Association, which oversees high school sports, says it has received about 50 complaints since it introduced the reporting system in the fall of 2021. Most cases are handled by individual schools, but some are handled by third parties. Research.

“There are many more reports out there and we encourage our students to produce these reports. He said reports of racist and sexist language directed at student-athletes were common in football, volleyball, soccer, It extends to other sports, such as basketball.

A recent incident at the BFA-Fairfax has resulted in the school banning fans from attending future home games.An off-court incident involving a CVU women’s basketball player has also impacted the winter sports schedule. I was. Several schools have postponed, canceled or forfeited games after a player posted a non-racist video on his TikTok.

Nichols says CVU administrators have made a difference for students and hopes other schools will avoid the confiscation. “People make mistakes. And when they do, we need to shine a bright light on it. You can’t ruin the reputation of a team, a school or a child, it has to happen, take action to make sure it doesn’t happen again and move on from there,” said Nichols. rice field.

He said the school is focused on educating on harmful speech and moving forward when these occur. The majority of reports of inappropriate language during games have come from spectators, and Nichols has called on those fans to police those around them. and people need to be aware of it, especially from parents and spectators who have no right to participate in the game. We will educate them, they may have consequences – they will be educated – and we need to move on and with some of these events we are currently there Yes,’ said Nicholls.

At least one coach lost his job and several students lost their team jobs because of the website’s report form, according to the VPA. More importantly, spectators are excluded from the event and banned for the year, he says.

CVU officials and principals from several rival schools did not respond to requests for comment on the racially insensitive video on TikTok.

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