A service was held Saturday for longtime Oklahoma City University soccer coach Brian Harvey.The legendary coach passed away two weeks ago at the age of 76.

Harvey is an Oklahoma City football legend who touched the lives of many during his 34 years at OCU. Hundreds of people gathered at the Frontline Church to honor his memory.

Harvey has a passion for the game of football and played professionally for many years. Professional football has taken him around the world, including Australia, China, and England.

But here in Oklahoma City, he is best known as the former head soccer coach of OCU.

“It’s no exaggeration to say he’s a football legend,” said Chris Harrison, who played for Harvey in the early 1990s.

While he was influential in Oklahoma’s football community, Harvey’s influence wasn’t limited to the field.

Billy Martin, one of Harvey’s former assistant coaches, said, “I hear all the stories.

Another former assistant coach, Nate Dole, also spoke of Harvey as someone who influenced his life. So we can now pass it on to our children.

Harvey will also be remembered as a beloved husband and father.

“As many people know, my father was larger than life,” said Harvey’s daughter Nicole. It had this special ability to make you feel special.”

His service reflected a fulfilling life with hundreds of friends and family members near and far.

“My words are not enough to convey how much we loved this man and how much he impacted the game of football.

On and off the field, Brian Harvey’s memories live on.


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