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Reigning world boxing champion Nihat Zareen, who won three international medals in 2022, is certainly not one to rest on her laurels. with Niharika Saila.

What kind of year was 2022 for you?

This year has been quite successful for me. Inspired by Bellary After three and a half months of rigorous training with coach John at his Institute of Sports (IIS), Strandja held his memorial boxing in Bulgaria in March after his two I won my second gold medal and I was the only Indian. Won consecutive gold medals in the competition.

Winning the gold medal at the 2022 IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in late May gave me even more confidence in myself and my abilities. That confidence helped her perform even better at her Commonwealth Games 2022 in August, and she also won gold at her championship in women’s national boxing this year.

Another memorable moment for me was when the government recognized my efforts and awarded me the prestigious Arjuna Award this year. This award is a great privilege.

What about the boxing scene in India and Telangana?

Across Telangana and across South India, boxing frenzy is on the rise. The number of boxing clubs has also grown, but with very few resources available. It takes dedication to produce more boxers from our state. We need coaches at the national and international level to train these aspiring boxers.

The Telangana government has also approved a boxing academy in Hyderabad. As many people are interested, we are planning to start an academy in Nizamabad as well. I hope that within the next two years, more people will take up the sport.

Who inspired you in relation to boxing?

Personally, my coach Chiranjeevi was my inspiration. He has always pressured me to do my best. With him, what Mary Kom achieved. Her dedication to boxing at her age even after her marriage was truly inspiring.

Any advice for girls interested in boxing?

The women gain strength after about four to five months of training with safety equipment and guards. There is no significant difference between the training process for women and men. In addition to helping with self-defense and being fit and active, boxing also provides employment opportunities. With recent matches, I have noticed that the number of women participating in boxing competitions has also increased.

More and more girls are training in boxing clubs. But I believe girls from Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and other states should step up and hone their skills more.

What are your plans and ultimate goals for 2023?

The ultimate goal has always been to win a gold medal at the Olympics. The first step to that is for her to win gold at the 2023 IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships, which will be held in New Delhi from March 15 to 31. This will help you qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics. I am also looking forward to representing India at the 19th Asian Games.

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