The Dallas Cowboys’ tackle that reversed Tony Pollard’s season is under review and could lead to rule changes.

The NFL’s competition committee will look into “how tackles work in the case of Pollard,” The Washington Post reported Saturday. In the match lost to Zu, he suffered a fractured left fibula and a high ankle sprain.

With 1:24 left in the first half, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott threw a checkdown pass to Pollard in the middle of the field. When Pollard tried to get away from 49ers defensive back Jimmy Ward, he caught his left leg under Ward’s weight as Ward took him to the grass.

Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes injured his ankle after Jacksonville linebacker Arden Key used a similar “hip drop” tackle against the Jaguars in the Chiefs’ 27-20 divisional playoff round. I got a sprain. Mahomes is set to return in the second half and play through injury in Sunday’s AFC title match against the Bengals.

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Both tackles were considered legal under the current rules. No flags were thrown into play. But that could change going forward as league representatives and committee members meet in the offseason to improve player safety.

Australia’s National Rugby League has banned ‘hip drop’ tackles, The Post notes. After the league saw an increase in the incidence of these types of tackles, some of which resulted in serious injuries to attacking players, including broken ankles, torn ACLs, and sprained ankles.

By Lorenzo Reyes

This article first appeared in USA TODAY: Cowboys’ Tony Pollard: NFL reviews ‘mechanism’ of tackles that hurt RB


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