The dates and times for the final week of the 2022 NFL season have arrived.

The NFL will always wait until the latest possible moment to announce the schedule for the final week of the year in search of the most interesting matchups on the slate. Every year there is a big playoff game that determines not only the seed, but who the final team in the dance will be.

This means that games are often added to the schedule on Saturdays as well as Sundays. . ‘Sunday Night Football’ will be his regular season nightcap in 2022.

But now the wait is over. Fans can finally know when their favorite team will play, and can plan his final Sunday of the regular season accordingly.

Here’s what you need to know about schedules:

Note: The NFL does not publish all game schedules. Dates and times will be added as soon as they are decided.

(Updated at midnight on January 2nd)

NFL Week 18 Schedule

Saturday, January 7

match time
chiefs vs raiders 4:30 PM ET
titan vs jaguar 8:15 PM ET

Sunday 8th January

No game time has been announced.

Remaining 18 weeks match schedule

buccaneer vs falcon
Patriots vs Bills
vikings vs bears
Ravens vs. Bengals
lions vs packers
Texans vs. Colts
jets vs dolphins
Panthers vs. Saints
giants vs eagles
browns vs steelers
cowboy vs commander
Chargers vs Broncos
Cardinals vs. 49ers
Rams vs Seahawks

Current NFL Playoff Photos

Here’s what the NFL playoffs currently look like:


  1. Chiefs
  2. Bills vs. 7. Patriots
  3. Bengals vs. 6. Chargers
  4. Jaguars vs. 5. Ravens


  1. eagles
  2. 49ers vs. 7. Seahawks
  3. Vikings vs. 6. Giants
  4. Buccaneers vs. 5. Cowboys

Team aiming for playoffs

Two teams will officially qualify for the NFL playoffs in Week 17, and three more in Week 18.

Here are the teams whose playoff hopes hang in Week 18, and the spots they can earn.



Teams that qualified for the playoffs

There are many teams that have already made it to the postseason. Some have already been split. Some are heading into Week 18 with their exact playoff seeding, while others are trying to figure out their seeding and playoff location.

Five teams won their respective divisions: the Bills (AFC East), Chiefs (AFC West), Vikings (NFC North), Buccaneers (NFC South) and 49ers (NFC West). He’s also one of only two teams to have an exact playoff seed. The Buccaneers are locked in as the No. 4 seed in the NFC, while the Giants are No. 6 in the NFC.

There are other places where seeds or divisions are still open, but a spot at the dance is guaranteed.


  • Chiefs
  • invoice
  • bengals
  • ravens
  • charger


  • eagles
  • 49ers
  • vikings
  • buccaneers
  • cowboys
  • giants

Teams Eliminated from Playoffs

Some fanbases head into Week 18 with little to no stress unless a better draft pick is high on their wishlist. There are many teams with nothing left to play in 2022.

Here are the teams that have already missed the playoffs:


  • Texan
  • Broncos
  • colts
  • jet
  • raiders
  • browns


  • bear
  • cardinals
  • rams
  • falcons
  • panthers
  • saints
  • Commander

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