2001 WCW main event Super Brawl Revenge PPV was an overbooking mess, exactly the kind that saw the company sold to Vince McMahon a few months later. But when Kevin Nash revealed that he wasn’t actually injured by the attack that “CEO” Ric Flair and world champion Scott Steiner coordinated in the Go Home episode, it took us a long time to Gave me a wrestling meme* Nitro.

Earlier this year, the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens mascot injured his knee during a preseason game, so we bring this up. Poe’s pals Edgar and Allen (get it?!?!**) filled in for him during the regular season. But Poe at least had to make an appearance, as his Week 17 game against rival Pittsburgh Steelers was televised on national television during his golden time.

But Odin’s favorite birds weren’t the only ones. Like Big Sexy, he had the local crowd going wild before the game with playoff implications for both teams.

Sadly (for Baltimore fans and Crow lovers around the world, but not for this Pittsburgh native and avid Steelers fan), Poe’s tricks didn’t work for his team any better than Nash’s. And the Ravens can’t even blame Flair for adding a stipulation during the match, or interference by Naichi and Midaja!

At least they’re guaranteed a playoff spot, even after Pittsburgh won 16-13. And you don’t have to leave town like Kev.

* We actually got more than that. Big Poppa Pump accused Nash of using a leg cast to “get people’s sympathy.”.

**I respect them and am proud to share with them what I believe to be the best rivalry in the NFL, but I have a black-and-gold bloody spit to make fun of them. Wanted as an assassin. their mascot oursbut.

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