Despite a losing streak season, NFL executives across the league remain highly interested in the Cleveland Browns and their potential in 2023. The Browns, along with the Detriot Lions, received the most votes among those surveyed.

The Browns still have a top-shelf offensive line/running game and can bolster their lineup with the help of a wide receiver or defensive line. The defense should be better under new coordinator Jim Schwartz.

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NFC Scout added:Deshawn Watson has been average this year, but should be better in a complete offseason…he’ll have to.

Back in the playoffs after two questionable seasons, the streets of Cleveland were littered with rakes. Given the extension of offensive line coach Bill Callahan (New York, who turned down his offensive coordinator interview with the Jets) and the addition of top-tier defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, head his coach Kevin Stefanski. There is reason to believe that it could be next. If he puts the Browns back in postseason contention, he’ll sign a new deal.

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