Hard Rock Stadium Miami, FL – December 11, 2023 – 8:15 PM

The air crackles with anticipation as the Tennessee Titans (4-8) prepare to invade the turf of the Miami Dolphins (9-3) in a primetime showdown on Monday Night Football. This week 14 matchup presents a stark contrast in team trajectories, with the surging Dolphins soaring high and the Titans desperately clinging to playoff hopes.

Top Models’ Predictions

Before diving into the details, let’s take a look at how some of the top NFL betting models are predicting the game

  • TeamRankings: Dolphins 31.2, Titans 18.3
  • SharpFootball: Dolphins 28.7, Titans 17.4
  • NumberFire: Dolphins 27.5, Titans 20.1
  • BetQL: Dolphins 27.8, Titans 19.2
  • SportsLine: Dolphins 29.3, Titans 18.4

As you can see, these models are all predicting a Dolphins victory, with an average score prediction of Miami 28.9 and Tennessee 18.7.

Team Dynamics and Player Morale

Miami soars high on a 5-game winning streak, their confidence fueled by Tua Tagovailoa’s leadership and a potent offense. Conversely, the Titans, plagued by inconsistency and a 4-8 record, see their morale dampened by injuries and key losses.

Miami Dolphins:

The Miami Dolphins, fueled by a 2-game winning streak, stand tall on the precipice of Monday Night Football. Confidence permeates their ranks, guided by the steady hand of Tua Tagovailoa and a potent offense that thrives on the explosive dynamism of Waddle and Hill. Their home turf, Hard Rock Stadium, transforms into an impenetrable fortress, ready to resist any challenge.

Tennessee Titans:

The Miami Dolphins are riding a wave of confidence as they head into their Monday night matchup against the Tennessee Titans. Their offense, led by the ever-improving Tua Tagovailoa and featuring the dynamic duo of Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill, is firing on all cylinders.

My Analysis

The Miami Dolphins are poised for victory against the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football, fueled by several key factors.

Dominant Form: Boasting a 2-game winning streak and a 9-3 record, Miami possesses significantly more momentum than the Titans’ inconsistent 4-8 performance.

Offensive Firepower: Miami’s offense ranks 4th in the league, averaging a staggering 28.3 points per game. This offensive juggernaut, led by Tua Tagovailoa and the dynamic receiving duo of Waddle and Hill, poses a significant threat to the Titans’ vulnerable defense, ranked 20th in the league.

Home Turf Advantage: Hard Rock Stadium becomes a fortress for the Dolphins, with their passionate fans creating a raucous atmosphere and providing a significant advantage. Under the bright lights of Monday Night Football, the Dolphins are expected to thrive in the comfort of their home field.

Favorable Weather: Clear and warm conditions (mid-70s) provide ideal playing conditions, favoring both teams’ offensive schemes. This potentially removes any weather-related disadvantages on either side.

With these factors in their favor, the Miami Dolphins are poised to extend their winning streak and solidify their position as a contender in the AFC.

Historical Performance: Reflecting on Past Trends

  • Miami: Riding a wave of momentum, winning 9 of their last 12 games.
  • Tennessee: Mired in inconsistency, winning only 2 of their last 5 games.
Key Injuries


  • Out: Robert Hunt (RG), Jerome Baker (LB)
  • Questionable: Terron Armstead (LT), Jevon Holland (S), Chris Brooks (RB)


  • Out: Jeffery Simmons (DT), Kristian Fulton (CB), Josh Whyle (TE)
  • Questionable: Teair Tart (DL)


  • The game is being played at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, where the Dolphins have a strong 5-1 record this season.
  • Miami has a slightly more experienced roster, with an average player age of 26.2 compared to the Titans’ 25.7.

Pythagorean Prediction

To further analyze the matchup, I also looked at the Pythagorean theorem prediction, which is based on a team’s offensive and defensive efficiency. This formula suggests a final score of Miami 30.8 and Tennessee 16.4, further supporting the Dolphins’ projected victory.


The weather in Miami is expected to be clear and warm, with temperatures in the mid-70s. This should not present any challenges to either team.

Best Pick

Based on all of the factors discussed above, I believe that the best pick for this game is Miami -14. The Dolphins have a clear edge in terms of their overall record, recent form, offensive firepower, and home-field advantage. While the Titans have the potential to keep things close, I ultimately think Miami will be too much for them to handle.

Final Prediction Score: Miami 31, Tennessee 16

Pick: Miami -14 Loss

O/U: Over 46 WINNER