Newton’s burster paved the way before anyone else

Jan. 2 — Drew Burster never played on a soccer pitch until high school.

However, the Newton goalkeeper made up for lost time fairly quickly.

“He started with us as a sophomore,” Eagles head coach Matt Credor said. “The first year he started was the COVID year, as he got a little more experience, he really developed into a leader. Especially this year, he stepped into that position as the leader of these guys.”

Credor added that it’s difficult to learn a complex sport like soccer if you don’t start at an early age.

Burster was different.

“As is usually the case, he didn’t struggle. Learning the basics and everything is almost impossible, especially as a goalkeeper, but he stepped in. That COVID year put a lot of pressure on us. “We won all but one game. We didn’t have a postseason. Season didn’t matter. I hate to say it, but he had a season with less pressure to learn the ropes, and that helped.”

Barster finished his first season conceding 15 goals and keeping four clean sheets.

He then allowed 14 goals and had 13 clean sheets in his junior year before finishing his preparation career with 10 clean sheets and 29 goals for the season.

For Credor, Burster’s hard work and desire to improve helped not only that, but the team’s success as well.

“He finds the workouts he wants to do online and brings them to us. I did,” Credor said. “He’s one of the reasons we’ve been so successful. He’s had some key games that we wouldn’t have been able to keep and likewise, it was the same last year. A lot of games. allowed us to move forward the way we had.

“He maintained their defense.”

But while Burster excelled on the pitch, so did his defense up front.

Credor also acknowledged them, but also mentioned Burster’s ability to communicate as a reason to put everyone in the right position.

“It’s good that they can work together. If the centre-backs and goalkeepers communicate well with each other, they have a chance to be successful defensively,” said Credor. “We’ve had it since he was there. A lot of the communication came out of him. He’s very vocal, and with that defense in front of him, they’re easy We have a goalkeeper who can come and handle the hard stuff and that’s what he’s done for us.


get to know drew

What’s your favorite moment from this season? “Regional Winner”.

What was your funniest moment this season? “Nick Brody kicked a ball during practice and hit me in the back of the head, then I chased him for 10 minutes.”

What is your pre-match, during-match, and post-match routine? “Before the game, there are big speakers on the bus and the music is blaring loudly to get you in the right mindset for the game. After that.”

What is your favorite sport other than tennis? “Football.”

What is your favorite restaurant? “Taco Bell.”

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the winnings? “Buy an enhanced truck.”

A concert ticket for “Lil’ Baby” is required.

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