Clash between the Duke Blue Devils and the Hofstra Pride promises to be a compelling matchup, despite the seemingly lopsided odds favoring Duke. To navigate this intriguing scenario, we’ll tap into the expertise of various successful NCAA Basketball betting models, including BetQL and SportsLine, alongside my own analysis, to arrive at the most informed pick.

NCAA Basketball for the match between the Duke Blue Devils and the Hofstra Pride, scheduled for December 12, 2023, at the Cameron Indoor Stadium, Durham, NC.

duke vs hofstra

So, buckle up, basketball aficionados, for this is a game not to be missed. We’ll tap into the wisdom of models, delve into the whispers of history, and ultimately, uncover the pick that destiny has ordained.

Stay tuned for the next part, where we’ll analyze each team in more detail and arrive at a final prediction!

Model Predictions:

  • KenPom: Duke 71, Hofstra 58 (Duke -13)
  • BartTorvik: Duke 72, Hofstra 61 (Duke -11)
  • Massey Composite: Duke 76, Hofstra 61 (Duke -15)
  • ESPN BPI: Duke 82.3, Hofstra 64.2 (Duke -18)
  • BetQL: Duke -15.5, Over 144
  • SportsLine: Duke -15, Over 145.5

Pythagorean Prediction:

Duke’s offensive efficiency (114.0) is significantly higher than Hofstra’s defensive efficiency (101.3), while Hofstra’s offensive efficiency (108.2) lags behind Duke’s defensive efficiency (106.9). Applying the Pythagorean theorem, we predict a score of 73.5 – 68.7 in favor of Duke.

Strength of Schedule:

Duke boasts a much tougher schedule (SOS) ranking of 28th compared to Hofstra’s 193rd. This suggests Duke has faced stiffer competition, potentially preparing them better for this matchup.

Key Injuries:

Duke’s injury concerns for Christian Reeves, Tyrese Proctor, and Jaden Schutt are significant. These absences could impact their backcourt depth and overall shooting.


Duke has struggled in close games this season, losing two nail-biters by margins of three and one point. Conversely, Hofstra has covered four of their last five games, showing resilience against lesser opponents.


No weather concerns are expected in Durham, NC.

Model Average:

Taking the average of the model predictions, we arrive at a projected score of Duke 73.8 – 61.7.

duke and hofstra

Best Pick:

Based on the model average, my prediction, and the current odds, betting on Duke -15.5 and Over 144 offers the most value. While Duke might win convincingly, Hofstra’s offensive capabilities and Duke’s recent struggles in close games could lead to a higher-scoring affair than anticipated.

PICK – Take Duke -15.5 WINNER