SI’s Chris Mannix said the issue was about the fans, not the media.

Jayson Tatum was named a 2023 All-Star starter, but Joel Embiid was not. Getty

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Daryl Morey, president of basketball operations for the Philadelphia 76ers, believes Joel Embiid should have been selected as the starter for the NBA All-Star Game.

After learning that Philadelphia’s center didn’t start and Boston’s Jayson Tatum did, Morey blasted the media.

Molly said in a Philadelphia radio interview, “Shameless Boston media is overrated.” “

Sports Illustrated Senior Writer Chris Mannix disagrees. Mannix praised Morley’s transparency and willingness to make radio appearances, but refuted claims that the Boston media was the reason Embed was not named a starter.

“Let’s start there. He’s wrong,” said Mannix Appearing on NBC Sports Boston. β€œThe media voted Joel Embiid 3rd, which means he was named a starter by the media. Players voted Joel 3rd. Fans voted Joel 4th. Daryl, go to the marketing department and say, ‘How did Philadelphia of 1.5 million lose to Milwaukee of 500,000?’ ”

The Mannix said they voted for Embiid as the starter for Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo. He then made some criticisms of Morley’s move from Houston to Philadelphia.

“This is something that someone might objectively consider shameless,” Mannix said. What if when it burns down, you walk away and say you’re going to take some time off, and a few weeks later you’re reunited with your competitors. maybe.”

Mannix suggested to Morley that Embiid focus on what his team could do to get more fan votes.

“We’re fourth in the fan poll,” Mannix said. “Your problem is not with the media that voted him in the top three. Your problem is not with the players. Your problem is with the fan votes. You were voted for by the fans. Look, do a better job of reaching out more to great player Joel Embiid and getting more fan votes.”


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