If the Clippers are looking for a blueprint to turn a struggling season into a Finals, they needn’t look far. Last season, the Boston Celtics scored him 25-24 on January 25th. This season, the Clippers brought that exact same 25-24 record into play Tuesday night against the Lakers.

The similarities between these two teams run deep. Two stars at the top of a deep roster. The problem with the Clippers is that their depth quality has not proven to be as high as expected. , Ivica Zubak) can be viewed as a genuine rift.

The Celtics had already started to take off last season before trading Derrick White, and his addition was crucial to their Finals run. There was a time in the postseason when White was Boston’s most influential player.

According to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, the Clippers are looking for similar upgrades this year, with starting point guards and backup centers being prioritized. Hartenstein.

Marc Stein reported the Clippers’ interest in Conley a week ago, and indeed, Conley would be second only to Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. The Clippers need a sturdy offensive his organizer that works off-ball. Neither Reggie Jackson nor John Wall have fulfilled their duties this season. Conley still fits the bill and remains a viable three-point threat to make room on the floor for LA’s two stars.

That said, it’s VanVleet who really moves the needle. He’s had a down season since 3, but that could change in an instant. Ball pressure defender. The man is a stud, he’s flat, and the best part is that the Raptors are potentially in a position they want to sell. VanVleet will be a free agent this summer. He wants big money and deserves it. If the Raptors have no intention of committing long term, moving FVV now would be in the net interest.

The Clippers could offer a 2028 first-round pick, which could prove very valuable when this Kawhi PG era gets off the ground, plus Terrence Mann and A good young player could be included, possibly Luke Kennard. They also have plenty of salary fillers to make the deal work on paper, including Wall, Robert Covington, Marcus Morris and Jackson.

Regarding the acquisition of a backup center, O’Connor also said the Clippers are interested in Minnesota’s Nas Reid. For me, this is my priority list next to point guard. Either way, the Clippers will almost certainly play small for a few postseason minutes outside of Zubak.

I don’t mind going up in size and I don’t know when you need to keep it big for a matchup or need some cushion against foul trouble, but talking about moving the championship needle If so, I think you’re talking about VanVleet…or to a lesser extent, Conley, or road Lowry Lowry.


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