Most NBA Draft analysts have consistently ranked Orser Thompson lower than his twin brother Amen, but that notion is beginning to be questioned as the game progresses.

Amen is widely considered to be the number three prospect in this class, but does Awther actually have an argument to join the conversation? Let’s see.

(All stats by Overtime Elite)

As you can see, the basic box score numbers show that Ausar has the same or better overall numbers than Amen. So how does he stack up when you dive into the movie and look at things a little deeper?


If there’s one area where Ausar is widely considered superior to his twin brother, it’s basketball shooting. The 3-point percentage and volume back it up, and so does the mechanics.

Ausar still has plenty of room to grow, highlighting a lower-than-expected free-throw percentage, but his shooting form is now more reliable.

It’s also encouraging to see him at least aggressively embracing open shooting opportunities with catch-and-shoot, stepping behind the ball screen and trying to elevate his midrange playtype. Amen, on the other hand, leaves too many of these opportunities unattended.

It’s still nice to see Orser run off screen, cut, and get involved off the ball with aggressive rebounds, but he definitely tends to do those things.

Ausar is looking aggressively at the area behind Amen. Ausar definitely has a positive pass to his expected archetype, but this perhaps makes him an elite Amen sometimes overlooked due to his level of passing and playmaking.

Amen also seems to have a more creative and tighter handle, able to reach the rim and break down defenses in half-court settings.

Both Ausar and Amen have room to grow in their finishes around the rim. A 2-point percentage is definitely good, but that’s because there are so many easy looks you get in transition. increasingly showing.

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