Monster Energy congratulates its freeski and snowboard athletes for their dominating performances at X Games Aspen 2023.

Aspen, Colorado., January 30, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — X Games Aspen 2023 is in the books! Monster Energy congratulates its freeski and snowboard athletes for their dominant performances at X Games Aspen 2023. A total of 18 X Games medals (7 gold, 3 silver and 8 bronze) were won by world-class teams over the three-day event. He wrote action sports history with an unprecedented performance. For exclusive content and highlights, visit monsterenergy.com.

X Games Aspen 2023, brought to you by Monster Energy, a longtime energy drink partner, has brought the world’s action sports elite to Buttermilk Mountain in the heart of the Rocky Mountains for the 22nd year in a row. The event involved his 84 action sports athletes from 19 countries for a total of 42 medals in 14 disciplines. .

X Games 2023 has brought back on-site festival crowds as a free-to-attend spectacle at Buttermilk Mountain. The schedule included musical performances from Kaskade, Yung Gravy, Night Tales, MOD SUN, MADDS, and Girlfriend. Throughout the weekend, X Fest Snow showcased live DJ sets, concession stations, three interactive parks, photo opportunities, giveaways, and the new X Games Walk of Fame.

Over three action-packed days, 13.5 hours of competition at X Games Aspen 2023 were broadcast live on ESPN and ABC. And for the first time this year, all medal competitions were live-streamed for free on the official X Games YouTube and Twitch channels.

Here’s how the Monster Energy team rocked the fans at X Games Aspen 2023.

The Monster Energy team’s medal streak began in the Jeep Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle final. Zoe Sadowski-Sinnott From Wanaka new zealandFaced with stiff competition and bad weather, the 21-year-old struggled to pull off a win.Until she ran flawlessly in her final attempt at a walk-off victory!Monster Her Energy athletes swept the entire podium and the 22-year-old Tess Cody She was the first Australian woman to win a women’s snowboard slopestyle medal, winning silver at the age of 18. Murase here too From Gifu Japanbring home the bronze.

The medals continued when the Special Olympics Unified Ski Race event returned for the third time at the X Games.monster energy Hannah Fallhaber Joined forces with a 33-year-old Special Olympics athlete Haldan Pranger Win a gold medal with the fastest total time.Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, on the podium David Wise from Reno, Nevadarode with Tanner Jadwinfrom Glenwood Springs, Coloradowon the bronze for the second year in a row in this category.

A history-making moment that could only have been seen at X Games unfolded at the inaugural event: Women’s Ski Big Air Final Saw Megan Oldham from Newmarket, Canada, made history by landing the first triple cork (perfect left side triple cork 1440 mute) in a women’s ski or snowboard contest. This historic move earned the 21-year-old his perfect score of 50 and a gold medal.

The crowd went into full party mode for the innovative Ski Knuckle Hack Contest. A 30-minute jam session revolved around a rider ‘hacking’ his moves from big air ramp rollovers to cutting edge freestyles.And Hack – They Did: Elite Field Including Olympic Gold Medalist Alex Hall Freeskiing icon Henrik Harlaut has pushed the boundaries of freeskiing advancement. When the dust settles colby stevenson Claiming a bronze medal after scoring a knuckle hack in his rookie debut at X Games Aspen 2020 boosted his overall record to three medals. And he wasn’t done yet…

Stevenson is on day two of X Games Aspen 2023 and has taken the top spot in the men’s ski slopestyle final.The team faced heavy snow and poor visibility united states of america The athlete showed grit and strategy by scoring two perfect runs to take an early lead, winning her second gold medal in the discipline. Stevenson currently owns four medals (three gold and one bronze) in the X Games.24 years old who also stands on the podium Ferdinand Dahl From opegard, Norwaylanded two perfect runs and spun in all four directions on bronze medal jumps and rails.

The youngest rider at X Games 2023 made headlines and won gold in the Monster Energy Women’s Snowboard Superpipe. Seoul, South Koreadominated the Superpipe like a veteran (she’s also a snowboarding icon Chloe Kim). With very advanced tricks like the switch 900 and the regular 900, Choi won the gold medal and entered the history books. At the age of 14 years and 2 months, Choi is the youngest women’s snowboarder to win her Superpipe gold medal, as well as the first athlete. Korea Earn gold in an X Games event. The future has landed!

The big night at X Games Aspen 2023 started with the Monster Energy Women’s Ski SuperPipe final.20 years old in a session covered in relentless snowfall Svea Irving from Winter Park, Colorado, caused an upset by winning the bronze medal in the final run. Raised in the Monster Army Athlete Support Program, Irving compiled highlights like the Alley-Oop Flatspin 540 Japan, Left 900 Safety, and Alley-Oop 360 Safety that put him in third place.

An energetic crowd took part in a unique aerial show at the Pacifico Women’s Snowboard Big Air Finals. Defending the Big Air gold medalist in a hotly contested session, Zoe Sadowski-Sinnott Sadowski-Sinnott furthered her score by landing a fast-rolling melon grab on the backside 1260 to end her night just one point behind the top spot. She won a strong silver as her ninth X Games medal (5 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze).

Saving the biggest show for last, the Pacifico Men’s Snowboard Big Air Finals saw the 18-year-old Chinese rookie make his long-awaited debut at the X Games. Su Yimin from Jilin Province city.Originally scheduled to appear Aspen In 2022, Yiming was sidelined due to the Covid-19 lockdown, but made up for lost time on Saturday night by sending two next-level tricks across the gap. Frontside 1800 and Quad Cork 1980. , added hardware to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics gold medal for Big Air.

On Sunday, the final day of X Games Aspen 2023 kicked off with another gold medal performance from Team Monster Energy. Jeep women’s ski slopestyle final under bluebird skies Canada’s Megan Oldham He won his second gold medal at X Games Aspen 2023. Hitting the course with an impeccable rail game and a double cork spin on the jump, Friday’s Big Air gold medal winner made her the second female skier in history to win two gold medals in the same X Games, and is currently I own 7 X Games medals.

The innovation in snowboard tricks was the name of the game in the Chipotle Snowboard Knuckle Hack Contest and the 32-year-old style icon. Haldor Helgason from Iceland Proving his timeless style by winning a silver medal in the eclectic discipline.Joining the legend on the podium was a young gun: 19 years old Dusty Henriksen from mammoth lakes, californiabuttered and backflipped his knuckles to claim bronze for his best, earning bronze as his fourth X Games medal (2 gold and 2 bronze).

The nighttime action came to a full boil with Men’s Ski Big Air showcasing boundary-pushing tricks celebrated by the Buttermilk Mountain festival crowd. His 22-year-old Birk Ruud, who attended the session as the current Olympic gold medalist in the discipline, Oslo, Norway, announced the brand new Switch Triple 2160 in its last attempt. But the fact that Ruud “only won” the bronze medal after this historic performance is a testament to the highest level of competition ever seen in a Big Air final at the X Games. Watch the replay!

As the final event of X Games Aspen 2023, the Monster Energy Men’s Ski SuperPipe final marks the return of a freeskiing icon: two-time Olympic gold medalist David Wise from Reno, Nevada, may have entered the contest as the oldest contestant. But he showed the young players how to double his cork his antenna in all four directions of his rotation, 1260 back-to-back and string perfect runs to win the gold medal. Thus, the 32-year-old won his fifth X Games gold medal with his SuperPipe, taking his total of eight of his X Games medals (5 gold, 2 silver, and bronze). 1) was obtained. Exclusive to X Games!

Download high resolution photos of X Games Aspen 2023 here.

And it’s a wrap! Thank you to all the athletes, everyone who attended and everyone who watched X Games Aspen 2023. We also want to thank the staff of ESPN and Buttermilk Mountain for putting on a world-class action sports showcase.

Missed the action at X Games Aspen 2023? No worries! For the first time this year, all events will be live-streamed and rewatched for free on X Games’ official YouTube channel and his Twitch.

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