After the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star dropped 71 points to the Chicago Bulls in a 145-134 OT win Monday night, we couldn’t help but give 2K a simply ridiculous Donovan Mitchell MyTeam Moments card.

We still don’t have the NBA 2K23 Moments card to recognize Luka Doncic’s 60-21-10 triple-double on December 27, but things are a little different.

Doncic’s historic performance deserves a Moments card, but 2K needs to maintain balance with content releases. Doncic released his 96 Galaxy Opal cards (GO) in the Tis the Season pack on December 23rd.

His spectacular match came just four days later. Within a week of him drawing his GO using his VC, 2K is unlikely to cannibalize a new release with an even better card from the same player.

Mitchell’s situation is different.

The best Mitchell card available right now is the Season 1 Takeover Rewards 93 Overall Diamonds. That card was released in his September, so fans are expected to receive a new Mitchell card.

Mitchell did his part as he pulled this hare out of his hat and forced him to work overtime thanks to the Cavaliers star blowing up on Saturday night.

Mitchell finished the game with 71 points, 8 rebounds and 11 assists. He made 7 of his 15 3s and 20 of his 25 free throws, and surprisingly he had only 4 turnovers in 50 minutes of action.

Considering where he is in the NBA 2K23 release cycle, Mitchell probably has 5-6 Hall of Fame finishing badges, 7-8 Hall of Fame shooting badges, and 4 – 5 Hall of Fame playmaking badges.

Mitchell’s pedestrian defense job helps keep the card rating from reaching 98 or 99 overall, but it still has to be one of the best backcourt cards in MyTeam mode.


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