SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 26: Fernando Tatis Jr. #23 of the San Diego Padres is on the 9th inning called third strike against the Atlanta Braves at Petco Park on September 26, 2021 in San Diego, CA React.  (Photo by Dennis Poloy/Getty Images)

Dennis Poloy/Getty Images

Chicago White Sox: James Shields and Fernando Tatis Jr. Trade

Deal (06/04/2016): Chicago White Sox acquire RHP James Shields (minus 0.3 WAR).San Diego Padres Acquire SS Fernando Tatis Jr. (13.6), RHP Eric Johnson (-0.6)

With Tatis having 160 OPS+, 81 home runs and 52 stolen bases between 2019 and 2021, this looked like the White Sox’s greatest blunder of all time. The worst has passed for the Pale Horse.

Miami Marlins: Dan Streiley and Luis Castillo Trade

Deal (01/19/2017): Miami Marlins acquire RHP Dance Trailer (1.9 WAR).Cincinnati Reds acquire RHP Luis Catillo (18.3), RHP Austin Bryce (-0.5), OF Zeke White (0)

Former Marlins president David Samson says he’ll do it again, whatever its worth. I objected to the full bash treatment because I could have sacrificed Pablo Lopez for the sake of it.

Seattle Mariners: Trade David Phelps and Pablo Lopez

The Deal (July 20, 2017): Seattle Mariners acquire RHP David Phelps (0.2).Miami Marlins get his RHP Pablo Lopez (8.5), RHP Lucas Sciraldi (0), RHP Brandon Miller (0), OF Brayan Hernandez (0)

Lopez was indeed traded for a middling pitcher.Phelps wasn’t a good reliever at the time, so he ended up making only 10 appearances for Seattle. I’ve been on a boat and pitching too much to really care.

Los Angeles Dodgers: Tony Watson and O’Neal Cruz trade

Deal (July 31, 2017): Los Angeles Dodgers acquire LHP Tony Watson (0.4 War); Pittsburgh Pirates Acquire SS O’Neill Cruz (2.4)RHP Angel German (0)

Of course, this depends on how the cruise continues to develop. But as he hits the plate more often, his other eye-opening tools may turn him into the sort of star the Dodgers prefer to have at shortstop, perhaps instead of Miguel Rojas. not.

Houston Astros: Martin Maldonado-Patrick Sandoval Trade

Deal (07/26/2018): Houston Astros acquire C Martin Maldonado (0.1 WAR).Los Angeles Angels Win LHP Patrick Sandoval (5.9), International Bonus Money

With a 2.91 ERA last season, Sandoval should probably be the bigger star. Also, the Astros have a good rotation in place for him in 2023, but if they’re struggling due to the absence of Justin Verlander, an American Cy Young Award winner in his league, they might You might find yourself missing out on being left-handed.

Pittsburgh Pirates: Chris Archer-Tyler Glasnow-Austin Meadows Trade

Deal (07/31/2018): Pittsburgh Pirates Acquire RHP Chris Archer (1.2 WAR).TAMPA BAY RAYS HE WINS RHP TYLER GRASSNOW (6.5), OF AUSTIN MEADOWS (6.2), RHP SHANE BAZ (0.5)

The reality of this deal isn’t as bad as it sounds at the moment. Meadows and Glasnau missed most of 2022 due to injuries, while Buzz will miss all of 2023 as he recovers from Tommy John surgery. The worst may be over.


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