The circumstances surrounding MLB The Show are truly bizarre. Initially he was a PlayStation exclusive franchise, but Sony was forced to bring the series to other platforms, but it’s still being developed by Sony’s first-party studios. Despite this long association, both MLB The Show 21 and 22 appeared on his Xbox Game Pass on day one. MLB The Show 23 is no exception.

MLB The Show 23 recently “Cover Athlete Revealed” Via a new trailer. Interestingly, video description Xbox’s YouTube channel states:

As mentioned above, since MLB The Show went multi-platform, a baseball title has been a Day 1 Game Pass release, so it’s no surprise that this will continue into 2023.

Still, the fact that PlayStation 5 owners will have to shell out $70 to play first-party titles that were originally included with Xbox Game Pass remains very interesting.

KitGuru says: What do you think of MLB The Show? Are you enjoying its multi-platform status? What other PlayStation series would you like to see unlocked? Let us know below.

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