The first steps towards the full reveal and release of MLB The Show 23 have been taken. On Monday, Sony San Diego Studios announced the cover athletes, release date, and some pre-order information for the game.

In case you missed it, Miami Marlins up-and-coming Jazz Chisholm was selected as the cover athlete. The release date for this year’s game is He’s March 28th, and fans can start pre-ordering He’s the title on February 6th.

The game will once again be available on the Xbox family of consoles (Xbox One, One X, One S) and Nintendo Switch, in addition to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The official MLB The Show Twitter account tweeted this post with images of cover art for the three console families.

This post pretty much confirms that the series won’t debut on PC.We haven’t seen the full list of features coming to the game this year, but we’ve seen a lot of reactions to the overwhelming selection of cover athletes. was.

The announcement had its supporters and critics.

Chisholm has the swag that publishers covet when looking for a cover athlete for a sports game in 2023, but he still has the kind of on-field talent usually associated with men or women earning this honor. I haven’t created a resume.

Chisholm has been a major leaguer for three seasons. Chisholm turned 26 on Wednesday and has 243 career hitters. In 2021 he recorded 23 stolen bases, but he has never hit more than 18 home runs. Perhaps the 2023 season will be a breakout year for Chisholm, who played in just 60 games in 2022.

Pre-Order Options: What We Know So Far

The Collector’s Edition has additional pre-order options, which we’ll discuss on Wednesday, while the Standard Edition option offers 5 Show Packs and 10,000 stubs prepaid for MLB The Show.

Who is on the cover of the Collector’s Edition?

Rumor has it that this year will be the last time Shaw will acquire New York Yankees great and former co-owner and CEO of the Marlins franchise, Derek Jeter. Jeter is technically no longer part of the Marlins organization, but one has to wonder if there is some kind of package deal with the Marlins organization.

Perhaps there will be more current/past connections with the series’ cover athletes in the future.


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