Miami Marlins star Jaz Chisholm was named the cover athlete for MLB The Show 23 on Monday. MLB The Show Video of the topic is also released Chisholm details his journey from the Bahamas to Major League Baseball on MLB’s Twitter.

“I used to play sandlot games in the Bahamas when I was a kid,” Chisholm says in the video. “We’re just bombing and having fun, we’re playing to play. And no one thought we could be on the show, so who’s to say we shouldn’t play like that?” didn’t even say

Jazz Chisholm has dealt with injuries during the 2022 campaign. He also talked about overcoming adversity in the video.

“Sometimes we fall, but it’s a delay, not a defeat. The road to recovery isn’t easy, but it only makes us stronger.”

Chisholm is one of baseball’s brightest young stars. He was a frontrunner in the Marlins’ farm his system before making his big league debut in 2020. However, injuries cut his year short after he made the NL All-Star team. Jazz Chisholm ended up playing just 60 games last season.

Miami hopes he can stay healthy in 2023. The Marlins have enough pitching power to contend for playoff berths. But their attacks are dubious at best. But Jazz Chisholm can certainly fix the problem by staying on the field throughout the 2023 campaign.

Marlins fans will be delighted to see the young Miami star grace the cover of MLB The Show 23.


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