My suspicions were correct.

Former New York Yankees great Derek Jeter is finally back on the MLB The Show series. Jeter has been published as his athlete on the cover of MLB The Show 23 Captains his edition on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon featuring Sanford Green’s amazing custom his art.

An overview of the segments is as follows.

This is the Sony San Diego Studios video that accompanies the announcement.

Miami Marlins All-Star Jazz Chisholm was announced as the Cover Athlete for the Standard Edition earlier in the week, but Jeter’s announcement clearly got a lot of attention. Jeter is one of the most iconic stars in the history of the sport and has not appeared on his series MLB The Show since he retired in 2014.

Pre-order the Captain’s Edition or Digital Deluxe version to get four days early access to the game starting March 24th, ahead of its worldwide release on March 28th.

This is a Sony San Diego Studios graphic breaking down various pre-order offers. Click here for a detailed breakdown as well.

The following illustration better illustrates Greene’s art and what constitutes a physical collector’s edition.

The Show series, which re-adds Jeter to MLB’s Legends roster, removes one major name from the list of missing All-Time Players. Jeter’s presence is felt in games with Custom Roster Creator, but more heavily in Diamond, his Dynasty, and his Collector modes.

Jeter will likely have some of the best shortstop cards possible throughout the upcoming game’s lifecycle, and will likely have other Hall of Fame-inspired content.

Stay tuned for more details on MLB The Show 23 as we get closer to the release date and upcoming tech tests.


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