Of all the changes planned for Major League Baseball this season (larger bases, defensive adjustment changes, pitch timers), the one that will likely have the most practical impact on everyday fans is , is the simplest one. It’s a schedule change. For the first time this season, every team will face every other team at least once.

As we begin to dig into the details of the new season as we head into spring training, we thought it might be fun to look at all the teams’ schedules and pick a specific series not to be missed. It could be a clash, it could be a unique location, it could be your first chance to see a player who’s never been to the city. of Series of the Year.

What is each team’s must-see series? This is our best bet.

(Note: All series listed here are home to the teams listed, with the exception of three selections of neutral sites (Mexico City Series, London Series and Little League Classic).

Blue Jays: July 18-20 vs. Padres

One of the trendiest World Series picks, don’t you think? How much fun is the Blue Jays vs. Padres World Series? It’s no exaggeration to say that the team has changed a lot.

Orioles: August 4-6 vs. Mets

Buck Showalter’s time in Baltimore ended with a nightmare 47-115 record in 2018. Both Showalter and the Orioles were in much better shape than they were then, with Showalter returning to his yards at Camden for the first time since, showing his forever dramatic performance. Mets.

Rays: March 30-April 2 vs. Tigers

Can you believe the Rays have been around for 25 years? They have! Their first game will be against the Tigers, hosting Detroit as the kickoff of his 25th season.

Red Sox: May 12-14 vs. Cardinals

Tilt for Mother’s Day weekend. It features the only team the Red Sox have ever beaten at home to win the World Series. The same goes for the 10th anniversary season.

Yankees: March 30-April 2 vs. Giants

Nothing flaunts the difference in the new schedule like former intra-city rivals kicking off the season at Yankee Stadium. Additionally, Aaron Judge, who will face off against the team he was reportedly close to signing, will wear pinstripes on Opening Day.

Guardian: August 22-24 vs. Dodgers

The Guardians consider themselves contenders this year. The Dodgers plan to visit Cleveland shortly after the stretch runs begin in earnest.

Royals: August 1-3 vs. Mets

It’s never been fun to relive the glory of 2015. The Mets are sure he will come to town in August and bring all the memories of the World Series. But they won’t bring in players who played in that series.With Jacob deGrom in Texas, none of the 2015 Mets are on the roster, but Salvador Perez is still on the Royals’ list. I am demonstrating my strength.

Tigers: July 21-23 vs. Padres

Sure, the Padres are a fun draw anyway, but whenever San Diego comes to town, I can’t help but think of the Tigers’ last title, a five-game win over Tony Gwynn’s team that dates back to 1984.

Twins: Sept. 8-10 vs. Mets

Minnesota won the Carlos Correa sweepstakes, sparking a season-ending clash between the superstar shortstop and the team he was nearly on. And here’s a wild fact from The Athletic’s Aaron Gleeman: The Twins will face National League teams more times in the second half of the season than they do against AL Central opponents.

White Sox: Sept. 29-Oct. 1 vs. Padres

The final series of the year for a team highly slated to compete in 2023 will be at home against the Padres…and former farmer Fernando Tatis Jr.!

Angels: July 14-16 vs. Astros

This is the first series after the All-Star break, and it feels like we’ll know by then whether the Angels are in the pennant chase or about to start implementing some trade offers.

Astros: April 28-30 vs. Phillies

World Series rematch! These don’t happen often, but I expect them to happen every year from now on. The Astros actually said he was hosting the Phillies at the end of 2022 as well. This is where the Phillies solidified their postseason berth.

Athletics: September 15-17 vs. Padres

If the A’s fail to say a proper goodbye to Bob Melvin after the 2021 season, this will be their first real chance to do so.

Mariners: Sept. 15-17 vs. Dodgers

The Dodgers have traveled less to Seattle than you might think, but these games with Julio Rodriguez and the guys feel more titanic than they used to.

Rangers: July 21-23 vs. Dodgers

For the first time, the Dodgers will be able to return to the stadium where they won the 2020 World Series.

Braves: April 21-23 vs. Astros

The Braves welcome their winning team to the 2021 World Series.

Marlins: August 11-13 vs. Yankees

You can’t go wrong with a weekend home series against the Yankees.

Mets: August 28-30 vs. Rangers

Will they line up where they face deGrom?

Nationals: August 20 vs. Phillies

Although this is technically a home game, it will be known as the Little League Classic in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Phillies: August 28-30 vs. Angels

Mike Trout can go home…just weeks before his beloved Eagles start their season.

Brewers: August 25-27 vs. Padres

The Brewers may be vaguely familiar with the Padres’ left-handed closer.

Cardinals: June 24-25 vs. Cubs

It’s a special season where you’ll face your hated rival in London.

Cubs: June 24-25, Cardinals

Pirates: September 15-17 vs. Yankees

The Pirates are home to Roberto Clemente Day and could host the Yankees in their signature series that weekend.

Reds: May 19-21 vs. Yankees

With the Yankees in town, it feels like Joey Vott is going to do something special on social media, right?

D-backs: April 6-9 vs. Dodgers

Incredibly, Arizona has appeared in 8 of their first 10 games against Los Angeles, including a 4-game home opener series. We’ll soon find out if D-backs can get along with larger dogs.

Dodgers: June 2-4 vs. Yankees

Weekend series from two iconic baseball franchises and the powerhouses of all time.

Giants: Sept. 29-Oct. 1 vs. Dodgers

Are the Giants still in the races last weekend? If so, this series could be at its best with three games left.

Padres: April 28-29 vs. Giants

Four years after their last series in Mexico, the two teams will meet in Mexico City at the end of the first month of the season.

Rockies: June 23-25 ​​vs. Angels

Shohei Ohtani and Trout at Coors Field? Yes, please.


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