MLB News: Several high-profile umpires announce retirements

According to ESPN’s Jesse Rogers, 10 major league umpires will retire at the end of this month, making it the biggest change the league has seen in its umpire crew in over 20 years. , Angel Hernandez is not on the list of retirees.

News: Some of the most veteran and respected referees are retiring. Read the story here. Source: 10 MLB umpires retire, most since his 99

Ten MLB umpires, including seven crew chiefs, are set to retire at the end of the month, marking the largest turnover at the job since 1999, a source familiar with the situation told ESPN.

Part of his retirement was due to nagging injuries, and other referees joined the league around the same time, so it’s a coincidence.

Respected crew chiefs Ted Barrett, Greg Gibson, Tom Harrion, Sam Holbrook, Jerry Meals, Jim Reynolds and Bill Welke are among the group to remove the chest protectors, and Marty Foster, Paul Nauert and Tim Timmons will retire. .

Here are some Dodgers links. Gibson was his plate umpire home of his Kershaw no-hitter in Clayton in 2014, and prior to that in October, Scott Van He was Slyke and Joe Kelly before a postseason game. It was the grumpy assassin who stopped the national anthem standoff. Gibson also played a role when the Dodgers beat the Brewers in Game 7 of the 2018 NLCS and when his LA manager Dave Roberts tried to kill Padres manager Andy Green in 2017. I was behind.

Harion, of course, was the home run in 2016 when new Dodger Noah Syndergaard was ejected for throwing to old Dodger Chase Utley. Baseball fans to outdated phrases.

All of these umpires have played many Dodgers games over the years. In the abstract I’d like to say goodbye to them, but it’s definitely nice to have some new blood in the referee ranks. The only time anyone knows about Meals is when he brutally blew that call at a Braves/Pirates game in 2011, nearly blowing up Clint Hurdle.

(2011) Braves beat Pirates 4-3 in bottom of 19th as Jerry Meals infamously called Julio Lugo safe

The man continued working for another 11 years. Of course, Hernandez has been at his job for at least that long — and belligerently yes! — and he still works, so who knows anymore.

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