MLB Network was pulled from its YouTube TV platform on Tuesday after talks over a new carriage deal broke down. The news comes as the league adds the finishing touches to his 2023 regular season schedule, which begins March 30.

YouTube TV said in a message to subscribers today that the two sides were unable to reach an agreement on a new deal, saying, “Effective today, January 31, 2023, MLB Networks content will no longer be available on YouTube TV.” I wrote.

As part of the move, subscribers will also lose access to the channel’s previous library recordings.

MLB Network, which broadcast the results of the Baseball Hall of Fame election live last week, said in a statement: MLB Network offered terms that matched those agreed to by nearly 300 other U.S. providers for distribution. ”

Both sides have pledged to continue negotiating a new deal, but YouTube TV will offer alternative baseball coverage options available on its base plan, and MLB Networks will keep a list of other distributors that continue to do so. provided.

“Due to the tremendous demand and value of live baseball content, Major League Baseball’s current and future commitments to the MLB network are stronger than ever, and we are committed to reaching an agreement with YouTube TV as soon as possible. ” said the network.

“We apologize for this news and hope to restore the content on YouTube TV as we continue our dialogue with MLB and advocate on your behalf,” YouTube TV wrote.


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