Bryan Reynolds rumors aren’t hard to piece together if you take common wisdom at face value. At this point, and at the current desperate level of the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Yankees will struggle to meet their demands for higher-level pitching prospects.

Seattle Mariners? There are no such difficulties.

So MLB insider John Morosi, who just helped leak videos of him driving the bus on Aaron Judge’s rumor cycle and landing in San Francisco, is also captaining the latest batch of Reynolds rumors. In the meantime, it looks like you’re on the right track.

The Yankees, along with the M’s and the Los Angeles Dodgers, are the top three “best” contenders to win a one-off All-Star for left field vacancies, according to Morosi on Thursday.

Unfortunately, the Mariners seem to be popular at the clubhouse. But again, you already knew that. Hang a pitcher — or, even better, two! —and your package is immediately more appealing than the Yankees’ pitch.

Yankees lose momentum to Mariners on Brian Reynolds rumors

Whether Reynolds is a 6-WAR player or closer to last season’s 3-WAR version, he instantly upgrades Yankees’ Aaron Hicks. He’s also the last hope the Pirates sell high. Oneil Cruz and Ke’Bryan Hayes are not going anywhere.

Pittsburgh GM Ben Cherrington never settles for the best as Reynolds continues to manage the team for three years.

The Mariners can meet his team’s rumored demands in multiple ways. College right-hand man Emerson Hancock is Seattle’s number two prospect. Bryce Miller and Walter Ford rank him #5 and #6 in the MLB pipeline.hancock do While out of the top 100 for new looks (although he lives in the neighborhood), Ms still manages to outshine everyone by providing big leaguers George Kirby and Matt Brush to liven things up. increase.

The Dodgers seem reluctant to sign top contender Bobby Miller, but the Blue Jays have the best trade chip in Dalton Basho, likely due in 2023 (and will get Ricky Tiedemann) ).

Had Brian Cashman still had Hayden Wesneski and Ken Waldichuk in the safe, he would probably have been at the forefront. At this point, the Mariners stand to pay the price for Pittsburgh, and the Yankees’ best hope is that no one goes all-in until the deadline, forcing the Bucks to re-evaluate and cut back on acceptance.

Good luck with the Diamondbacks instead.


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