MLB Free Agency: Evan Longoria signs 1-year deal with Arizona Diamondbacks, according to reports

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The Arizona Diamondbacks have signed third baseman Evan Longoria to a one-year contract. According to Jon Heyman of the New York PostHe is guaranteed $4 million, which can be supplemented with an additional $1 million bonus. According to the Arizona Republic.

Longoria, 37, has spent the past five seasons in the National League West as a member of the San Francisco Giants. 250/.312/.438 (103 OPS+) during that time he hit 70 home runs. Baseball his reference estimates his contribution equals his 6.9 wins over exchanges.

CBS Sports ranked Longoria as the 45th best free agent going into the offseason.

Longoria is nearing the end of an amazing career. He’s boasted his 119 OPS+ over the past two seasons, but don’t let his stats fool you. He is no longer an everyday player. Right-handed players (especially sliders) are responsible for tearing him down and starting most days. If Longoria is open to a part-time role and it’s within his right to choose to retire instead, he should be able to provide offensive value against left-handed pitchers. Utilized him well in points, giving him platoon advantage in 2022 with his career-best 44% chance. Whatever the future holds, Longoria should be proud of his past.

We think Longoria spends a good amount of time at third base for the Diamondbacks, possibly as part of a timeshare with Josh Rojas. Note that Rojas is a left-handed hitter.

Longoria spent his entire career with the Tampa Bay Rays before spending five years with the Giants. Those were his salad days and are likely to continue.In some of his 10 his seasons with the Rays, he posted his 125 OPS+ and posted 51.2 wins or more replacements. Did.

Longoria is a three-time All-Star and three-time Gold Glove winner.

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