MLB analysts think the New York Yankees are in real trouble

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is still looking for an outfielder after Andrew Benintendi agreed to a five-year, $75 million deal with the Chicago White Sox.

Yankees management went all out to retain Aaron Judge as soon as the 2022 MLB season ended, but with it, they signed a starting pitcher named Carlos Rodon and kept Anthony Rizzo. While the Yankees shifted their focus to the stars, Brian Cashman and Haku Steinbrenner knew they had to make the most important decision in his spot at left.

“Yankees still want to acquire another outfielder, but free agent Julikson Proffer’s asking price continues to hold him back.” —Bob Nightingale (USA Today) via

Outfielder Jurrickson Proffer remains the most eligible free agent. However, his expected contract bonus has confused Yankees management, making it difficult for the Bronx Bombers to make firm decisions regarding left field.

The Yankees were also interested in Pirates outfielder Brian Reynolds and White Sox veteran Josh Harrison. I feel insecure about

As much as they want the Yankees to get Brian Reynolds, Oswaldo Cabrera can definitely be the man to keep left field down

“As much as we want the Yankees to get Brian Reynolds, Oswaldo Cabrera can definitely be the man holding left field.” – MikeSalvatore10

The last three seasons of Proffer’s 29-year-old career have been spent with the Padres. He appeared in his career-high 152 games in 2022 with a . 243 batting average, 15 home runs, and 58 RBI. Prior to joining the A’s, Plofer played for the Rangers. A nine-year MLB veteran, he’s a master of all trades, having played all three outfield seats plus he played all four infield seats.

New York Yankees need to fix leftfield crisis before spring training

Jackson Fraser’s unsuccessful attempt to claim the left field position is one reason the New York Yankees are still looking for a left fielder. After being released by both the Cubs and New York Yankees this offseason, Frazier signed a minor league deal with the Rangers. He was fired by the Yankees last summer.

Jurickson Profar is more of a left field upgrade than you might think, if not an exciting move.The 2022 Yankees left fielder was a black hole: LF: 86 wRC+Profar: 110 wRC+I would Not have Oswaldo Cabrera in it, but Profar’s pull power is interesting.

“Jurickson Profar is more of a left wing upgrade than you might think. Not an exciting move. I’d love to have Oswald Cabrera in, but Profar’s pull power is interesting.” – Yankeilibrarian

The New York Yankees remain interested in free agents David Peralta and Julikson Proffer, as well as another potential trade candidate, Minnesota’s Max Kepler.

Veteran Rafael Ortega and future prospect Willy Calhoun appear to be competing for starting positions with Aaron Hicks, Oswaldo Cabrera and Esteban Floreal. Both players signed minor league contracts with the Yankees this winter.

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