Michael WachaAccording to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, Wacha is the last remaining starter from the MLBTR’s Top 50 list and was expected to sign a two-year, $16MM deal. rice field.

So far, only the Twins and Orioles have reportedly expressed interest in Wacha, although the Twins’ interest was prior to the acquisition. Pablo Lopez from Marlins. The Orioles seem to have maintained their interest in Japanese tea over the winter, which can obviously change quickly, but there didn’t appear to be any particularly serious talks between the two. not.

Baltimore makes a lot of sense as a landing spot for Wacha.They went into the offseason looking for a few starters and so far added Kyle Gibson on a one-year, $10 million deal. Speculatively, a return to the Red Sox could make a bit more sense for Wacha, and could fit if the Angels also plan to tap into a six-man rotation this season. .

The 31-year-old Wacha is coming to the end of a strong campaign in Boston, throwing 127 1/3 innings and a 3.32 ERA in 23 starts. His advanced metrics weren’t particularly encouraged by Washa’s work, and his last two seasons of work had hit his 5.39 ERA. Nonetheless, it’s a promising outing for the veteran right-hander, and even with some setbacks, he could be a solid back rotation option for many teams.

Wacha’s hopes for a two-year deal seem reasonable enough, especially considering how well starting pitchers have tended to do this winter. There are some injury concerns that could give some teams a pause, but a two-year deal isn’t a burdensome long-term commitment. Injuries put him on the injured reserve list four times throughout his career.

Many teams could be more interested in Washa as a one-year option to see if his performance in 2022 can be repeated without committing to an additional year. There is. This kind of deal could also be of interest to many rebuilding teams. Because if he gets off to a good start, Japanese tea will be a sure trade option for him at the deadline. Wacha, 31, is young enough to sign a multi-year deal next winter if he can back up his 2022 numbers in another valuable season in 2023.


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