A massive bipartisan push against Big Tech in the new Congress looks set to protect children. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was quoted as saying that passing them was a priority for him. I’m here. President Joe Biden recently said the same thing.

If this week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings show any indication about protecting children online, they could pass. Witnesses testified about how children are being harmed by online content and platforms that help push it to audiences of mostly friendly senators. None of it has become law, but the new Congress seems keen to make it happen.

In recent years there has been a bipartisan and bipartisan consensus in Congress that something must be done about the power of big tech, but not what or how. There is disagreement about whether we are managing too much or not enough. Now they seem to have found their cause and the children who are their victims.

The desire to protect children from internet harm and abuse is stronger than ever in the 118th Congress, and it’s more likely that at least one law will actually be passed to do so. . But critics say these bills may not actually help children and may exist at the expense of free speech and privacy.

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