HuhMichael Jordan was an NBA star from day one, but it wasn’t until 1989 that he started winning playoff games. Doug Collins We witnessed the first glimpse of the six-ring player we have all come to know and love.1989 Eastern Conference First Round, Chicago Bulls vs Cleveland Cavaliers Game 5Michael Jordan perfected what we know as “The Shot” today. He showed the whole world how dominant he was and got the legendary words from Collins after the game.

at the press conference next door microphone, the reporter asked Doug what his call was on the last play that won the game. His reaction was: Michaeleveryone, go away.” After saying such words, Michael Jordan Like everyone else in the press room, I burst out laughing. It’s a word I thought I’d never hear again until last Wednesday. We have a new player who made one of his teammates say the exact same words. This is due to how he dominates basketball games.

CJ McCallum gives an inside look at Doug Collins himself

last wednesday, new orleans pelicans A last-minute play defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves and Zion Williamson won the penultimate bucket of the game. He took the ball back from the wolf player and bullied himself into the basket. D’Angelo Russell He soon becomes upset and realizes that Zion is playing football in the NBA due to his physique so powerful that no one can stop him. Williamson finished that game with his career-high 43 points and he is only improving. Thanks to him, the New Orleans Pelicans are clearly in the playoffs this season.

This is where Doug Collins quoted Michael Jordan Called back by one of Zion’s teammates CJ McCallumAfter the game, I was asked what was Zion’s second half play calling when he scored 33 of 43 points. This is what he said: [Zion Williamson] I don’t know if he remembered Doug Collins’ words, but it was oddly similar.Zion will only continue to improve this season and throughout his career, as long as he’s healthy.

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