The New York State Boxing Hall of Fame (NYSBHOF) has announced 2122 22-member classes. His 11th NYSBHOF Induction Dinner, sponsored by Ring 8, will be on Sunday, April 30, in the afternoon (12:30-5:30 pm ET). at Russo’s On the Bay in Howard Beach, New York.

Tickets cost $160.00 for adults, $60.00 for children (under 16) and include a full brunch and cocktail hour starting at 12:30 PM ET, and a 7-course dinner (prime rib, fish, or poultry) plus the event Open bar inside. Tickets can be purchased by contacting NYSBHOF President Bob Duffy at 516.313.2304 or depcomish@aol.com. Advertisements for the NYSBHOF program are available in the range of $80.00 to $200.00 by contacting Duffy. For more information on the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame, please visit www.nyboxinghof.org or www.Ring8ny.com.

Live boxers heading into the NYSBHOF are Brooklyn’s 2-division (welterweight and light welterweight), six-time world champion “Super” Zab Judah (44-10, 30 KOs), Brooklyn’s 2-division champion (welterweight) and light welterweight) Paulie. “Magic Man” Malignaggi (36-8, 7 KOs), Plainview World Super Lightweight Champion Kathy “Wildcat” Collins (14-2-4, 3 KOs), Troy Welterweight Kevin “Mr. Excitement” Pompey (32-18-3, 12 KOs) and Brooklyn World Super Lightweight World Title challenger Dmitry “Star of David” Sarita (35-2-1, 18 KOs).

Hall of Fame posthumous participants include Poughkeepsie world lightweight challenger Johnny Busso (36-12-1, 15 KOs) and Bronx middleweight Eugene “Silent” Hairston (45-13-5, 24 KOs). ), New York City’s NYSAC Featherweight World Champion Tony Jimmy. Pel’ Perrone (51-19-6, 10 KOs), Bronx Featherweight Mike “The Bronx Spider” Bellowers (91-28-12, 21 KOs), New York City World Colored Heavyweight Champion Harry “Black Panther” Wills ( 70- 9-3, 56 KO), and Hempstead’s world light heavyweight world title challenger Eddie “Wildcat” Davis (34-6-1, 20 KO).

Living non-attendees attending the NYSBHOF include Brooklyn trainer Hector Rocha, Brooklyn ring announcer Dave Diamante, Bronx commentator/producer/radio show host Tony Page, Latham journalist Bob Mladinić, Brooklyn neurologist Barry Jordan, Brooklyn judge Robin Taylor, and Buffalo journalist Bob. Silkworm.

Posthumous non-attendee inductees are Brooklyn manager Izzy Zwerling, Manhattan manager Dave Wolfe, Brooklyn trainer George Washington, and New York City manager/promoter Irving Cohen.

Inductees (or their direct descendants) in attendance will receive a custom-designed belt to mark their membership in the NYSBHOF.

The 2022 Hall of Fame inductees were selected by members of the NYSBHOF Nominating Committee. Chairman Jack Hirsch, Randy Gordon, Henry Huskap, Don Majeski, Ron McNair, Jim Monteverde, Neil Terrens, Jose Corpus, Bobby Cassidy and Bob Duffy.

All boxers must have been inactive for at least three years to be eligible for membership in the NYSBHOF, and all inductees must reside in New York State for a significant portion of their boxing career or during the prime of their respective careers. must be



Class of 2012: Carmen Basilio, Mike McCallum, Mike Tyson, Jake LaMotta, Riddick Bowe, Carlos Ortiz, Vito Antuofermo, Emile Griffiths, “Sugar” Ray Robinson, Gene Tunney, Benny Leonard, Tony Canzoneri, Harold Lederman, Steve Acnd, Jimmy Glenn, Gil Clancy, Ray Arcel, Nat Fleischer, Bill Gallo, Arthur Mercante Sr.

Class of 2013: Jack Dempsey, Johnny Dundee, Sandy Sadler, Maxie Rosenbloom, Joey Archer, Ilan Berkley, Mark Breland, Bobby Cassidy, Doug Jones, Junior Jones, James “Buddy” McGart, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Bob Arum, Sherry Finkel, Tony Graziano, Larry Merchant, Teddy Brenner, Mike Jacobs, Tex Ricardo, Don Dunphy.

Class of 2014: Floyd Patterson, Tracy Harris Patterson, Billy Backus, Kevin Kelly, Juan LaPorte, Jerry Cooney, Mustafa Hamsho, Howard Davis Jr., Lou Amvers, Jack Britton, Terry McGovern, Teddy Atlas, Lou DiBella, Steve Farhood, Gene Moore, Angelo Prospero, Whitey Binstein, Cus D’Amato, William Muldoon, Tom O’Rourke.

Class of 2015: Saul Mumby, Joey Jumba, Johnny Persol, Harold Weston, Ronnie Bradley, Paul Burenbach, Billy Graham, Frankie Genaro, Bob Miller, Tommy Ryan, Jimmy Slattery , Bob Duffy, Mike Katz, Tommy Gallagher, Bruce Silverglade, Charlie Goldman, Jimmy Johnston, Cedric Kushner, Harry Markson, Damon Runyon, Al Weil.

Class of 2016: Aaron Davis, Charles Murray, Vilomar Fernandez, Edwin Villett, Hector “Macho” Camacho, Rocky Graziano, Rocky Kansas, Joe Lynch, Joe Miceli, Ed Brophy, Joe DeGuardia, Randy Gordon, Dennis Rapaport, Howie Albert, Freddie Brown, Howard Cosell, Ruby Goldstein, Jimmy Jacobs.

Class of 2017: Gaspard Ortega, Renaldo “Mr.” Snipes, Doug DeWitt, “The Bronx Bomber” Alex Ramos, Dick Tiger, Jose Torres, “Nonparel” Jack Dempsey, Don Majeski, Ron Katz, Stan Hoffman, Bobby Bartels, Hank Kaplan, Al Gavin, Arthur Donovan, Dan Parker.

Class of 2018: Lou Del Valle, Jake Rodriguez, Terrence Alli, Joe Messi, Kid Chocolate, James J. “Gentleman Jim” Corbett, Jack McAuliffe, Billy Costello, Merio Bettina Ralph “Tiger” Jones, Charlie Nokus, Dave Anderson, Pete Brodski, Herb Goldman, Bobby Goodman, Melvina Lathan, Ron Scott Stevens, Johnny Addy, Johnny Voss , Murray Goodman, Burt Randolph Sugar, Sam Taub.

No classes for 2019 due to COVID-19 restrictions

Class of 2020: Jorge Ahumada, Alfredo Escalera, Freddy Liberatore, Dennis Milton. Lou Savarese and Merki Sosa, Soldier Bertfield, Steve Bellowers, Jimmy Goodrich, Tami Mauriello, Davey Moore, Freddie Welch, Don Ackerman, Bobby Cassidy Jr., Rick Glazer, Jack Hersh, Max Kellerman, Dr. William Lathan, Julie Lederman, Ron Lipton, Kevin Rooney, Dan Daniel, Bobby Gleeson, Flash Gordan, AJ Liebling, Tony Mazzarella and manager Dan Morgan.

Class of 2021: Michael Bent, Shannon Briggs, Verno Phillips, Donnie Lalonde, Johnny Verderosa, Larry Burns, Johnny Turner, Al Singer, Kid Norfolk, Patsy Giovannielli, Eddie Martin, Battling Shiki, Solly Krieger, Harbie Kronowitz, Tommy Paul, Rusalika, Ron McNair, Don Erbaum, Ed Schuyler, Bill Berrigan, Tom Hauser, Mike Silver, Jill Diamond, Lou Still Mann, Bill Caton, James Walker, John Condon, Irving Rudd, Richard K. Fox and trainer Victor Valle.


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