The Marlins stepped up their offense yesterday, adding: Jean Segura on a two-year, $17 million deal to play third base. Still, they appear to be still looking for a shot, according to a report from Jon Heyman of the New York Post, and at some stage discussed possible trade scenarios with the Rockies. Edward Cabrera When Brendan Rogers the players said. It is unclear whether these negotiations took place before or after Segura’s signing, but it seems likely that they took place beforehand.

Cabrera, who turned 25 in April, has started 14 games for the Marlins this season, posting a 3.01 ERA. He definitely benefited from his opponent’s BABIP of just .207, and a sufficiently advanced metric such as FIP had him pegged at his 4.59. He recorded his above average 25.8% strikeouts in his 22nd year, but his 11.3% walk rate was below the league average. That said, it was a big step forward from Cabrera’s difficult seven starts in Miami in 2021. It often takes some time for pitching prospects to settle at the highest level, and Cabrera is a former Top 100 prospect and big with just 21 starts in the league, and he still has a year to go. I haven’t reached my retirement age, so I still have plenty of time. so that he can reach his full potential.

The Rockies could certainly boost the rotation. Not one of the five predicted starts had an ERA lower than his 4.50 last year. Getting a young starter like Cabrera would have increased the rotation significantly, especially in the long run.

The Marlins are speculated to be a potential trade partner for one of the starting pitchers.Deadline had reports that the Yankees were close to acquiring Pablo Lopez In a transaction involving an infielder graver torresIt didn’t happen. It’s unclear how far these discussions between the Rockies and the Marlins went, but they were in a similar frame, in that the Marlins were looking for an infielder to headline his one return. It is interesting to note that Starting pitcher.

In this case, 26-year-old Rogers is a former Top 100 prospect with a breakout year in 2022. The bat was pretty much in line with his career numbers as Rodgers hit his 13th home run in . 266/. 325/. , but he amassed a staggering 22 defensive runs at second base, second-most in baseball overall (back only Kebrian Hayes). This is a significant step up from the previous year, when Rodgers had a DRS of -5. This earned Rodgers his first ever Gold Glove award.

The acquisition of Rodgers, as he would have, would have given them arguably one of the best groups of defensive infielders in the game. Joey Wendle, Miguel RojasWhen Jazz Chisholm Jr. However, it’s worth noting that both Wendle and Rojas have attracted trading interest themselves (Rojas and Wendle).

It’s unclear what the exact composition of the deal was, or how far the two teams’ talks went, but it doesn’t appear to have been a direct exchange. Rodgers is eligible for first-year arbitration, and in 2023 he is projected to receive $2.7 million (per Matt Swartz’s projections). He’s got three more seasons under control, Cabrera’s six more.

Given the deal with Segura, it doesn’t seem likely Miami will seek any more additions in the infield without trading someone, but note moving some pitches to get help in the outfield. Padres reportedly willing to move Trent GrishamPittsburgh is reportedly looking for top young starters and Brian Reynoldstherefore, not only these two teams, but countless others as well, speculation makes sense as a trading partner for Miami.


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