The road was taped off as part of the police investigation.Photo: Mike Sheridan
The road was taped off as part of the police investigation.Photo: Mike Sheridan

Police received a report of a woman being raped near Silkin Way in Madeley around 10pm on Boxing Day.

On Thursday, a 48-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of rape. He is currently in police custody.

Telford Detective Chief Inspector Joanne Woods said an investigation was ongoing and police were continuing to seek witnesses.

“We look forward to hearing from anyone who has seen or heard anything suspicious near Silkin Way, Madeley on Monday evening. Any information they have may be important to our investigation.” not.”

Anyone who has information should forward this to Sergeatn Chris Smith by emailing chris.smith@westmercia.police.uk or via Crimestoppers (0800 555 111) or online at Crimestoppers.org.uk You can hand it over to the detectives.

“Crimestoppers is completely confidential. No personal details are ever passed to law enforcement,” said DCI Woods.

“We are working closely with our colleagues at the Telford and Wrekin Council to make areas across Telford even safer, so anyone who has concerns about a particular area should let us know and this will be done. so that we can take steps to address it.”

If there are public places in your neighborhood that you feel unsafe or unsafe due to environmental issues such as street lights or abandoned buildings, and/or are unsafe due to behavior such as being obeyed or verbal abuse. If you feel it, you can tell the police about it. These are provided anonymously via his StreetSafe on the police.uk website.

“StreetSafe is not for reporting crimes or incidents. Always call 999 if you are in imminent danger.”


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