Mauricio Sulaiman
WBC president and son of Jose Sulaiman

“The Dallas Cowboys lost” is the word most people use today, but if the Cowboys won, they would say “We won.”

A life where fans suffer defeats and enjoy victories. It’s going to be a long emotional drought until next season when we don the team’s jersey and start over with our dreams.It’s already been 28 years without a Super Bowl or a championship. Something like this happened with my favorite Mexican soccer team, Cruz he Azul. Baseball’s Cincinnati he didn’t mention with the Reds. Still, I never changed my allegiances since childhood. My loyalty is unwavering.

Loyalty: one’s own moral principles, established commitments, or a sense of respect and loyalty to someone. The principle is no. It is the fulfillment of honor and gratitude in a relationship that stands the test of time. in a group. It is to meet the needs of loyalty and strength of honor.

Loyalty has always been a principle my father cherished in life. And now it’s easy to see how that loyalty fades and dissolves when everything goes wrong as it once did.

It’s very common in our sport for someone we thought was a close friend, person, or company to get confused and disappear, but this concept has to go both ways. How good it feels to demonstrate loyalty live! It’s not easy. It must be based on principles and strong beliefs, respect and very deep values.

Money and vested interests are what generally lead people to change course. It takes maturity and empathy to understand whether it is an act of dishonesty or a necessary change. If it was a betrayal, or if it was an inevitable development in order to grow and excel. It is not an easy decision to make, and we must soberly and sensibly analyze everything related to its transformation and disruption. ”

I have experienced countless times at the WBC where a boxer makes the decision to go to another organization and it is always important to pause and understand why it happened. If a fighter you’ve been closely associated with suddenly sees an opportunity to grow, go ahead and take it to his own advantage. is not.

If the promoter took the fighter elsewhere, they would have to analyze what happened in that particular situation and come to a conclusion. There is a very fine line between decisions for his future and temporary opportunities, simply due to bad decisions driven by ego or money.

In our WBC’s history, we have taken countless acts of loyalty over the last few decades as we celebrate the 60th anniversary that changed the course of world boxing.

Julio César Chavez was one of history’s most loyal figures. He was crowned WBC Super Featherweight. He has defended that championship his 10th. Then came the golden opportunity for him to take on Edwin “Chapo” Rosario of Puerto Rico, who was considered the number one pound-for-pound in the world. The great Mexican champion visited Don Jose and asked permission to attend that match which would be the main event at the Hilton in Las Vegas. , saw Julio win by a stunning TKO in the 11th round. Shortly after, he won his WBC lightweight championship and was promoted to super lightweight to fight for the rest of his career within the WBC.

Humberto “Chiquita” Gonzalez and Eric “Terrible” Morales have waited with great loyalty and patience for up to two years as the WBC’s must-have challengers for the title. They have always fought for green and gold belts with pride and built legendary careers. Sugar Ray Leonard was named his WBC welterweight champion. At the time, the promoter’s interest was to get him into his WBA and keep him out of the way for a big fight with Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Durán. To a lesser extent, the two met in Montreal to provide one of the most important fights in history, which led to a rematch and spawned two of his legendary careers as Hall of Famers. rice field.

At 20, Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history. Tyson always fought for his WBC, and when he got out of that wrongful imprisonment Frank he fought Bruno for the green and gold. I could continue to show my loyalty and write a book, but every single fighter, manager and promoter who stayed true to his principles and values ​​found a serious and loyal family at the WBC. . love and affection forever.

Floyd Mayweather has had a flawless career as a boxer who has always been proud to represent the WBC. Floyd has won the WBC World Championship in five different weight classes, and multiple times in several weight classes. All belt trophy cases are green and gold.

Tyson Fury is so proud of his WBC Championship that he has always known the world that he is a WBC Green and Gold and always wears the WBC logo, whether it is a hat or a gala suit.

It’s also with judges and referees, commissioners and members of the boxing community in each of the 170 countries that are the World Boxing Council.The WBC is one big big family!


Lennox Lewis emerged as a strong prospect in the heavyweight division in the early 1990s. The champion was Evander Holyfield, who was signed by HBO. This network took Lennox down, ignored him, and tried to push him away. They backed Holyfield’s fight with Riddick Bowe, the latter being declared champion, and instead of fighting Lewis, he was asked to throw the WBC belt in the trash by then-manager Rock Newman. The WBC was forced to stick with Lennox, who eventually became the premier champion for over a decade.

anecdote of the day

In one of the situations in which great conflict, power, ego, and greed were called upon to commit acts of dishonesty and betrayal, if I omit mentioning names so as not to generate negative emotions. I asked the question and told him it was my opinion that they should proceed as needed to keep the champions within the WBC. His answer marked me as a life principle that sets a deep moral example. “Son, Sulaiman will never back down. but whoever comes tomorrow and is crowned as monarch will be the best in the world. so that you may always rest in peace and be proud of what you have done right.”

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