Local businesses betting on a boost from legal sports betting

Cincinnati — Now that sports betting is legal in Ohio, local businesses are betting on expanding their business. The Bengals in particular are already secured for a playoff game this season.

Martin Angiulli, Manager of Martino’s on Vine in Corryville, said: “People want to come here and watch the game.”

On Monday, the Bengals will face the Buffalo Bills at Peycoe Stadium for the AFC’s top seed in the Monday Night Football Game, which airs on WCPO-9. Pre-match coverage begins at 7:30pm and the match kicks off at 8:30pm.

Martino’s on Vine is already betting on customers behind bars. Soon they will have a kiosk in operation where customers can place their own bets.

The bar already has about 70 TV screens. We plan to add more for sports betting.

According to Angiulli, customers already want to start betting.

“There were probably a dozen people yesterday asking if we would do it,” he said. “The moment we opened, people were waiting for questions.”

University of Cincinnati bartender Brad Fenning made his first bet in Ohio on January 1st.

“I actually bet here yesterday on the Minnesota Vikings game,” he said. “This was the first bet I made here and they were completely killed.”

On Monday, he’s hoping the odds are in his favor. He’s betting on the Bengals.

“It’s nice to be able to get something for it,” he said.

As more bets are placed, Martino expects a big win.

“The goal is to hopefully set us apart,” Anjuli said. “So if you’re 21 and don’t want to drive somewhere, you can walk and bet here. There’s no other place on this street right now where you can do that.”

Here is a list of sports betting locations in Ohio. You can find places near you.

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