Australia’s Liam Wilson has proven to be an underdog everywhere, but he doesn’t stand out.

At Wednesday’s WBO world title press conference, the truth was proved when Mexican champion Emmanuel Navarrete, a superstar in every sense of the word, walked toward him on stage, took off his black aviator Sunny and looked up. rice field.

Oh yeah, the Mexican also blinked first.

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Those with skin on that sort of thing will no doubt have noticed Wilson confidently soaring to the top on stage with that mic in hand and keeping his gaze the longest during the showdown. I got

But what seemed to cheer Queenslanders the most?

His undeniable size advantage.

He knows he might be the $8.50 TAB outsider in Saturday’s WBO super featherweight showdown against one of Mexico’s modern-day warriors here in Glendale, Arizona, but he doesn’t feel it.

can not see.

In fact, when asked what he saw in the eyes of the two-time world champion Navarrete for the first time this week, the 26-year-old Caboolture product replied: .

saw more

“Throughout his career it was Navarrete who fought smaller players in smaller divisions,” continued the Queenslander.

“But for the first time he’s stepping up in a department that I think is too big a leap.

“Yes, he is an experienced fighter, much more experienced than I am.

“And I’m sure he’ll come up with a good game plan.

“But he’s never fought anyone with my powers, and that’s going to be a game night surprise for him.”

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Wilson: I will be the next Australian World Champion. 01:34

So let’s not forget that Navarrete is the WBO Featherweight Champion with 30 straight fights over 10 years.

Or, he’s now on his way up again, aiming to become the 10th Mexican in history to win world titles in three divisions.

Aside from being convinced his boxing ability is “better” than his rivals, Wilson says the real key to him beating the odds is everything that’s revealed in that stare.

Officially, the Australian underdog is 6cm taller than the champion.

Navarrete still boasts a 5cm reach advantage, but the man with Left Hook From Hell plans to capitalize on his size and power when he finally makes his mark at Desert Diamond Arena.

“When I got on stage, I felt more relaxed than ever,” Wilson said of his first US show.

“Usually I’m pretty shy, nervous, and a bad talker.

“But only once in my life…and it makes sense, for the most important fight…I’m confident in everything.

“I am here to ruin his dreams.

“To ruin his plans to become a three-division champion.”

Asked later for his thoughts on the showdown, Navarrete said through an interpreter:

“But we worked hard. Nothing to worry about.”

So don’t you worry about Australia’s power?

“No, I’m familiar with boxers who hit hard,” he said. “For me, it’s normal.”

Watch Australia’s Liam Wilson battle Emmanuel Navarrete Live and Free Feb 4 against Kayo Freebies for the WBO super featherweight title. Join Now and Start Streaming Immediately >

Jock Lundale Advice for Liam Wilson 02:56

The Mexican admitted that Wilson was a “dangerous” challenger, but was quick to add that he was “unimpressed” by his rival’s 11-1 record.

“I haven’t studied that part of him very much,” Navarrete said when questioned about Queenslanders’ rapid rise to the world title.

“I know he’s a young pro and he’s fought 11 or 12 times.

“(But) I have no impression

“There are fighters who have fought for the world title and who haven’t had many fights, so I haven’t focused on that aspect.”

Elsewhere, Wilson was particularly relaxed at a press conference attended by several travel supporters.

“Exactly what I needed,” he said when asked about reuniting with his children.

“It was perfect timing when I saw their little faces for the first time two days ago.

“It reminds me why I do it.

“This is the longest I’ve been away from them. I’ve seen them on Facetime many times, but that’s not all.”

The Australian added that apart from the team being well prepared for the Mexican’s unpredictable offense, he also planned to show his prowess “from the beginning”.

“The danger with Navarratte is he’s unpredictable,” he said. “But apart from his past performances, he starts very slowly.

“So it’s important that he doesn’t get into a rhythm.”

“Then he will be strong.

“But it’s clear he doesn’t have to go looking for me, and I don’t need to go looking for him either.”


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