Australian boxing great Jeff Fennec has backed Liam Wilson with a shocking knockout in Saturday’s WBO super featherweight title bout.

Wilson, 26, is ranked as one of the hottest boxers in Australia’s boxing world, but his world championships against Mexican superstar Emmanuel Navarrete in Glendale, Ariz. Enter the ring as a loser.

Wilson is now an $8.50 TAB outsider to Navarrett in the 2 Division Championship, who, after 10 years and 30 fights already, is looking to rise again and dominate the third division.

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As a result, Sportsbet pays Wilson for Cabreture products $14 for a knockout win and $18 for the belt by decision.

still talking Fox Sports Australia From within his fight camp this week, Wilson revealed he was ready to give Navarrete the first KO loss of his illustrious career.

Better yet, Fenech agrees – seeing nothing but dollar signs in the Australian who boasts the now-famous ‘Left Hook From Hell’ as his signature.

“Oh, I think the bookmakers are making a big mistake with this,” says the Australian, who has a great fight for the title across the four divisions.

“I’m actually shocked by the odds.

“And I honestly believe Liam Wilson will make a ton of money this weekend, not only because I think he’s going to be Australia’s newest world champion, but because he’ll get there by knockout.”

This is no small claim, is it?

“Obviously, Navarrete is a great fighter,” continues Fennec.

“But so does Liam.

“He’s actually one of the best young talents I’ve seen come out of Australian boxing in a long time.

“I think he’s a man on par with Tim Tsuju.

“You may not have the same profile yet.

“But Liam’s left hook is better than any hook I’ve ever seen.

“And Navarrete is now up in his third division, fighting such a big and strong man… buddy, I can tell you when Liam hits Navarrete in the body.

“That’s why I’m so confident Australia will be the new world champions this weekend.”

Importantly, so does he himself, and is confident he has the power to give Navarrete the first KO loss of his professional career.

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“Because I’ve already dropped a few other opponents who have never been knocked out before,” Wilson says. “Now we can add Navarrete to that list.

“I’m here to win, I’m here to knock him out.

“I know I’m going to be fighting on enemy territory. I’m going to be fighting in an arena with a lot of Mexican fans.

“But there are only two things on my mind.

“One in the box.

“And the other thing is when I box to hit… hard.”

As well as being a huge fan of Wilson, Fennec has a strong relationship with Queenslander, and at one stage during Fight Week, he wished him the best of luck and, importantly, he insisted on important advice. It will be. .

“And look, I don’t want to interfere,” Fenech stressed. “But with the right advice, I think Liam is unbeatable in this fight.

“You can easily win.

“So what I tell him is, ‘Get in position to punch, don’t punch from a distance.

“Because if he can get the position, his body punches, his hooks, those are short punches.

“But from afar, that’s where Navarrete is dangerous.”

Watch Australia’s Liam Wilson battle Emmanuel Navarrete Live and Free Feb 4 against Kayo Freebies for the WBO super featherweight title. Join Now and Start Streaming Immediately >

Liam Wilson celebrates victory against Joe Noinei at Nissan Arena on March 3, 2022.Source: Getty Images

Asked why he thought the bookmakers were so wrong, Fennec suggested a continuing trend of dismissing young Australian fighters like Wilson and Jai Opetaire.

“And when no one gave Jai Opetaire a chance, I also said he would win,” recalls Fenech, who predicted two years ago that Wilson would headline the main event. current world title.

All of that has happened.

“I’ve seen Liam Wilson’s potential for a long time,” continued Fennec. “Know how good a man is when it comes to fighting.

“That’s why I don’t think it will be such a big upset if he wins on Saturday.

“We already know Liam Wilson is special.”


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