To Ein Kennedy: Amidst the dust settling in Liam Smith’s intense and unexpected knockout victory over Chris Eubank Jr., and the idiocy and confusion over an appeal from Eubank over an alleged elbow from Smith, one thing is more certain than ever. Smith has never sat more beautifully in her 15-year professional career.

It is well known that the Liverpool native shared the ring with already world champion and current boxing star Saul Canelo Alvarez. We’ve seen a lot of games already.

There was a tweet last week that Eubank Jr.’s team planned to officially appeal to the British Boxing Control Board over Smith’s now-infamous alleged elbow strike to Eubank’s head.

No one has yet been overly excited about this development as it seemed harmless and the consensus was for the appeal to be overruled. It’s decided.

Will Eubank invoke his rematch clause and face Smith at his beloved Anfield Stadium? Or will Eubank opt for a rebuilding fight to regain his confidence? He trains the legendary Roy Jones Jr. Will I continue to use it as a? This combination seems to have been widely derided from the beginning. There’s a reason for that. Eubank seemed to be a beginner again, trying to implement Jones’ own style. More questions than Eubank’s answer.

how about smith? Well, if Eubank chooses to invoke that rematch clause, he has no choice. He’s obligated to fight him, but Smith doesn’t mind considering he annihilated Eubank. This fight gives him the chance to fulfill his lifelong dream of fighting in the stadium of Liverpool Football Club.

If Eubank chooses to rebuild, Smith has what was once considered an outrageous option: a world title fight against Gennady Golovkin at middleweight. Once upon a time, this proposition would have classified Smith as the proverbial lamb of the slaughter, but that is no longer the case.

With Golovkin slowing down quite a bit and Smith moving with a lot of momentum right now, this fight might not go well as Smith caught the once-great champion at the perfect time. Smith is also an option at light middleweight, where he still ranks highly. So after his long career he can get back on his feet. Because whatever happens next, promoters will call Liam Smith. And he’s going to get paid.


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