The official NBA referee’s Twitter account blamed LeBron James for a “heartbreaking” miscall when he took a potentially game-winning shot in the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss to the Boston Celtics. On Saturday night, the Celtics defeated rival Lakers 125-121 in overtime.

The Lakers, who have struggled in the Western Conference after a slump early in the season, dominated the Celtics at Boston’s TD Garden. When the score was tied at 105-105, James drove to the basket and with seconds left Jayson Tatum hit a shooting arm at the rim.

James’ shot flew off the rim, enraging the four-time MVP. The 38-year-old cut his way when the entire Lakers roster and coaching staff erupted in protest over the phone. Patrick Beverley even received a technical foul after showing referee Eric Lewis a photo of the foul on a nearby camera.

Anthony Davis was equally outraged, claiming the Lakers were “cheated” out of the win. can not understand”

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“I’m trying to be the best referee, so this play will weigh on me and give me sleepless nights.”

The Lakers lost to the Celtics, who have the best record in the NBA, 36-15, despite James scoring 41 points with nine rebounds and eight assists. He is now trailing his NBA all-time leading scorer by 117 points, ahead of Kareem his Abdul his Jabbar.

The 23-27 Lakers hope to return to winning ways when they travel to the East Coast on Monday to face the Brooklyn Nets. I have confirmed that I will miss the game against the Nets, who are in 4th place with a record of 19 wins and 19 losses.


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