Sacramento Kings v Utah Jazz
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The Sacramento Kings have had their share of wild finishes this season. Tuesday was another crazy ending, but this time Sacramento got the break he needed to get away with his 117-115 victory over the Jazz.

De’Aaron Fox scored 37 points, 22 of them in the fourth quarter, and with 0.4 seconds left in the game, swept everyone and passed Lauri Markkanen.

Fox’s shot was almost staged by what looked like the craziest buzzer-beater he had ever seen. No, but Markkanen snuck up to the sideline before catching it cleanly, essentially redirecting the ball from the 3 into the hoop in one move. Net.

Sure, there’s some luck in that shot, but touches like that from that angle also speak to Markkanen’s sheer shooting skill. It’s a pity it didn’t count. Further checking reveals that the ball is indeed in his Markkanen hands and the backboard is lit with double zero red.

It’s interesting that while examining these buzzing shots with absolute precision, we care so little about whether the clock actually started at exactly the right moment. This shot would have been counted if I had been 1 second earlier than I expected.I watched the play about 10 times. It seems that the watchmaker was on time. That’s the side I thought I had.

Nevertheless, the Kings improved to 20-16 with the win as they now own the 5th seed in the Western Conference.

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