The Cleveland Guardians have made two shocking moves in MLB’s free agency. Cleveland added the protection of Jose Ramirez to their lineup with the addition of Josh Bell with a strong switch hitting bat. They later signed a catcher with power potential as well as Mike Zunino. Cleveland made many other understated moves, but those are certainly their standout additions. But should the Guardian consider making one last trade before the 2023 campaign?

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the last-minute moves Guardians need to make to complete their roster.

Main Needs of Guardians

The Guardians’ Depth Chart, provided by MLB.com, is well on its way to the season. Their Shane Bieber-led rotation is expected to make him one of the better pitching staffers in the league again. Their bullpen, meanwhile, is led by All-Star closer Emmanuel Krace. Setup men James Karinchuk and Trevor Stefan were equally impressive last season. Cleveland has a legitimate argument for America’s deepest bullpen in his league.

But from an aggressive point of view, things get a little more questionable. The Guardian has confidence in the infield. Jose Ramirez is their superstar and he will be anchoring third base. Meanwhile, Zunino is behind the plate and Josh Naylor will be in charge of the DH spot.

Oscar Gonzalez, Miles Straw and Stephen Kwan are outfielders for Cleveland. All three players are capable, as Kwan played a key role for the Guardians on both sides of the ball last year. Straw’s Offensive Gold won him a Grab Award, although his production was far from ideal. And Gonzalez had one of his biggest moments for the team during the playoffs.

But adding a proven outfielder is important for this Guardian team. Given his system of impressive farms, Cleveland may be able to trade Pittsburgh for his Pirates disgruntled star Brian Reynolds.

Brian Reynolds Guardians – Pirate Trade

Brian Reynolds requested a trade from the Pirates early in the offseason.

But Guardian has one of the top farming systems in the league. Keep in mind that prospects are very valuable for teams in small markets like Cleveland. They don’t have the luxury of being able to spend consistently lucrative sums in free agency.

But this is an organization that has not won a World Series since 1948. They need to go all out and give the City of Cleveland a World Series Championship. Building for the future is without question important. But The Guardian could trade Brian Reynolds to make him a valuable part of their future, alongside stars like Bieber, Ramirez, Klaes and Jimenez.

Reynolds could be an option for teams in the outfield. They’ll have to make tough decisions about whether it’s Straw, Gonzales or Naylor, but depth is never a bad thing.

Is this deal realistic?

This potential Guardians-Pirates Brian Reynolds trade is totally real. It all depends on whether Cleveland is willing to part ways with some of their high-profile prospects.

Their offense and defense would benefit greatly if Cleveland pulls off this proposed trade.

It will be interesting to see if The Guardian shows any interest in Reynolds ahead of the 2023 season.


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