Despite the fact that rumors have been rife this season linking the Los Angeles Lakers to a blockbuster trade, the truth of the matter has never materialized. It seems they are no closer to completing the deal as the front office continues to struggle to surround LeBron James.

After all, the Lakers may have good reason to be reluctant to pull the trade trigger. According to his NBA insider Howard Beck of Sports Illustrated, the LA brass is coveted and he seems likely to retain his two future first-round picks.

“They’re obviously not going to trade picks,” Beck said on a recent episode of his podcast (h/t Ashish Mathur of Heavy.com). “And I’ve heard rumors, and they’re just rumors, and I don’t want people to go too far with this or get too hung up on aggregation, but a few people across the league recently I told them, they basically believed that the front office was told not to trade picks and that they were protecting them.”

The Lakers don’t have too many trading assets at their disposal when it comes to personnel. This is why the only way they can make a significant deal is if they include one or both of these aforementioned picks in a potential deal. I don’t think so.

This just means that LA is unlikely to complete the deal, at least for now. Whether or not this is the right decision remains to be seen.


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